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Under the new wave of retail, intelligent entity stores how to cashier system? All the wisdom of yi chain purchase tell you

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-10
2017, suning group chairman zhang near east, on the future retail development made titled 'push entity retail to wisdom transformation' speech, clearly put forward the future retail is wisdom. Wisdom of the retail development lies in three aspects: one is using the technology innovation of retailing forms, circulating change; From the B2C steering C2B, big data traction retail; Three is to use social customer service, personality service and precision marketing. Want to realize the integration of new technology and the real industry, there are a variety of forms and ways. Look from charging channels, many took advantage of the popularity of social and business entity stores opened WeChat and alipay payment methods, such as consumers only need to show me your payment code or scan qr code can complete payment. Traditional cash register can do pay treasure, WeChat mobile payment, need their configuration of software and hardware, and high failure rate, cannot expand capacity, causing traders took pains to expensive. , and integrating the intelligent register mobile payment, with functions of management of inventory, advertising, etc. Based on cloud technology development, the data stored in the cloud, easy to upgrade, easy to operate. How do I select the smart cash register entities under the new retail stores? 1, receiving: buy the primary purpose of the cash register, is to address the gathering slow, error-prone, so choose a smart cashier machine of stability. Polymer brush face pay devices to mobile phones, small light weight, simple operation, convenient to upgrade. 2, mobile payment: in the era of mobile payment technology hot, can support WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay is shopkeepers just need, so should choose intelligent pos machine with the function of mobile payment collection. 3, cashier software: in addition to the hardware configuration, also choose a well-known software service providers, because they cooperation hardware dealer must have scale, and the service is relatively better than others. Pay treasure, WeChat are domestic payment giant, payment and/or the hardware and software products and services is reliable. 4 + to use and easy to use: cash register operation process is simple, register interface clear, reasonable functional partition, can let the new employees quickly self-study intelligent register operation, save training costs. 5, data management: generally based on cloud technology research and development of android smart cash register can backup your data in the cloud, you can recover data real-time networking. As long as you have account, you can restore your data at any time. 6, see compatibility: intelligent cajas are intelligent, in addition to the powerful, simple operation, can also remote upgrade, equipped with rich external interface can access the box, such as scanning gun accessories. After 7, interactive advertising, brush a face can be automatically online public, focus on consumer fans preciseness, store at no cost to drainage, pay the membership, brush can be face to send vouchers, smile get red envelopes, faces new marketing methods, such as playing bad review to lay a solid foundation for online marketing. 8, the comprehensive strength: besides functional form, the company to provide perfect after-sales service, brand launch infrared cameras, effective identification photo, wax, 3 d model, twins and so on, a high degree of safety. Can brush face to pay not only, still can do affiliate marketing, create a merchant flow pool private domain. 9, see price: in functionality, stability and operability after all basically meet the requirements, can consider the price, accept ability within the scope of their choice. Today's smart cash register is all-in-one commonly, such as general is software, hardware but some smart cash register the printer, built-in 3 g module into the cash register, as a result, lower cost, buy more cost-effective.
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