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Unionpay cooperation with wealth tenpay confirmation, sweep code communication come true!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-11
The brush face pay market popular, more and more merchants began to spread. If this is on behalf of the qr code is behind The Times? No, qr code never go out of style, only constant progress in the development. It is reported, China unionpay and tencent's wealth tenpay company recently have barcode to pay each other to achieve cooperation, it is a pity that no alipay & other; Figure & throughout; 。 Wealth with unionpay tenpay company is launching a barcode pay connectivity cooperation pilot. Cloud flash pay this APP with icbc, agricultural bank, bank of China and China construction bank and other Banks APP scans WeChat & other; Face to face qr code & throughout; Payment function will be from & other; Fuzhou & throughout; Starting from the pilot areas, gradually expand the scope. Fuzhou citizen blessed! Can give priority to experience. As early as last September, the central bank released the financial technology ( FinTech) The development plan ( 2019-2021) 'Said: & other; Promote the barcode pay interconnectivity, study and formulate the barcode for the connectivity technology standard, unified pay barcode encoding rules, build a barcode for the connectivity technology system, through the barcode payment services barriers, implement different App and merchant bar code identification recognition. ” Past is a qr code APP, unionpay cooperation with rich tenpay now, this technology breakthrough. The future will achieve without switching app, & other; A yard sweeping throughout the world &; The ideal state. Is also leads the international represents quick payment industry in China, is another exciting step towards the world. Thus, in 2020 was destined to is an extraordinary one year!
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