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Use ptksai cash register to improve work efficiency

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-05
As the pace of life is getting faster and faster, people's consumption habits are increasingly inclined to fast consumption, followed by various fast food restaurants full of streets and lanes. Every noon and evening meal time, fast food restaurants are always overcrowded, which puts higher requirements on restaurant operation. So, how can a fast food restaurant operate efficiently? 1. Good time management is required for product production. The daily consumption of raw materials and products can be estimated at a safe and constant quantity. Through the consumption of each time period, semi-finished raw materials can be prepared before the peak period. 2. In the whole work process, it is necessary to form a low-peak period for centralized material preparation, cleaning and sanitation, and the peak period for centralized production of products and customer service. 3. At the same time, as a manager, we should always manage and supervise the production efficiency and mutual assistance of employees. Although each post has been positioned, there is a certain relationship and cooperation between the posts. Therefore, in the course of work, the role of the administrator is to coordinate, inspect, coach and help, so as to establish a team with high tacit understanding. Whether it's ordering, dining out, cash register or table tidying up, the work of each post must be linked together and run at high speed. In particular, the cashier's position, once wrong, will bring irreparable losses to the restaurant operation. Therefore, an intelligent cash register with excellent performance and convenient use is essential! The following will recommend a smart cash register with excellent performance, which can help fast food restaurants to operate quickly and efficiently. Ordering cashier only takes three steps, and the efficiency is increased by 5 times. This cash register also has a built-in gold Abacus reporting system created by the US group data experts. Including: revenue report, Bill flow report, Bill Summary Report, dish sales report, order time period analysis, collection composition analysis and other functions. Can view the store's operation in multiple dimensions, manage the store in real time, and no longer need to visit the store! This cash register provides a full range of pre-sales and after-sales service, meticulous pre-sales service and perfect after-sales service so that you can use it without worry. If you want your fast food restaurant to operate efficiently as soon as possible, then ptksai intelligent touch screen cash register all-in-one machine is your best choice! Hurry to place an order! The following is a comparison of some of my experiences after using the traditional cash register and Huixin advertising cash register: first, it is easy to use when starting up: the traditional cash register generally needs to install the system, the consumption time is generally more than two hours, and it needs to be operated by professionals. The merchants need to be carefully trained to understand the operation process. The Huixin advertising cash register machine itself has installed the operating software, and the functional modules are clear at a glance, even 0 can be used immediately. Second, the sense of science and technology is full, light and does not occupy an area. The traditional cash register is bulky, heavy, and consumes electricity. Sometimes the noise is not beautiful, and the Huixin advertising cash register is small and does not occupy an area, placing it at the store cashier can improve the overall grade of the store, especially the wonderful advertising video displayed on the sub-screen (Picture) Can make people shine, the picture below shows my shop Real shot:
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