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Used in small brush face a cash register, cashier for merchants 'tomorrow'!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-09
With the technology development of China's largest payment platform and business development, brush face payment has become one of the main method of payment. Brush face to pay not only save the social time cost, improve the efficiency of the social work, but also increased the jobs. Brush face payment application of social values, for businesses, is the cashier process simplified, stores shorten waiting time, lower labor costs. Brush a face image: network payment has huge development potential, application scenario will also continue to expand in the future, in order to meet the needs of more users. Now more and more food retailers in the brush to use the small programs face a cash register, small program not only don't like the APP and computer software to download and install, occupy a lot of memory and capacity. Small program at the same time also can let the brush face pay cash register run more smoothly, to help businesses more efficient drainage, easily won the guest, social function and even other entities. Image: network, the current brush face pay cash register embedded applet functionality is implemented to the ground. In hangzhou, wuhan and other places of a part of the hospital, have access to the brush face registered and residents can connect brush face to pay medical insurance card accounts, these are the payment via alipay dragonfly brush face cash register access medical system applet. Brush face in the future, pay cash register through access to the applet, which can realize self-help cashier register, hotel, scenic spots, the hospital, the school dining hall, bus, bus payment, old apartment, dormitory, involves the identification of food and beverage retail financial payment scenarios, bring more convenience for the store operators and users.
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