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Uses of dual screen POS in restaurants

Uses of dual screen POS in restaurants


There is a wide assortment of restaurants and retail organizations which are known to have lesser front counter space. The touch screen cash register is considered to be a wonderful choice to increase the workflow as they are equipped with a smaller ergonomic footprint, in comparison to the non-all-in-one counterparts. 

You can ensure a great operating experience in your organization with the aid of the smart cash registers. With the use of the touch screen present on the cash register, you can operate the part cash register without any keyboard or mouse.

The touch screen cash registers are also used on a wide scale in public canteens, retail restaurants, supermarkets, department stores. As they boast of simple and touch screen operation, it is possible to train the employees of the organization easily.

Management of social media accounts

If you are a social media analyst who needs to manage a lot of social media accounts at a time, the dual screen POS terminals are a wonderful choice. They help to create content for the clients and monitor a plethora of social media platforms at a time. 

You can consider using the primary screen to handle most of your work, whereas you can use the other one for opening other accounts so that you can keep a track of the work throughout the day.

Sharing of data

With the dual-screen POS terminals, you can share the bulk volume of data across a plethora of applications. Whether you need to drag the images into Photoshop, or you require copying content from one program to the other, you can streamline all of the processes at ease with the aid of the other screen.

Easy communication with the clients

One of the primary applications of these dual-screen terminals is ease of communication with the team. For instance, if you need to attain a meeting on Skype, you can do so on one screen, whereas you can continue to use other applications on the other screen that helps in keeping the workflow uninterrupted.

One of the worth mentioning reasons why it is recommended to use the dual monitors on a wide scale is because you can use it with both computers and laptops. You can also use it on your Mac Book and you will find no issues in completing your work without any interruptions.

Benefits of touch screen cash registers

The touch screen cash registers play an integral role in promoting the image of the merchants. As they feature high definition and sensitive color screens, they help in showcasing extra flexibility in several diverse products. Thus, you can offer a better user experience to the potential audience of your business. 

As per the statistics, the touch screen cash register is known to consume much less energy, in comparison to the traditional computers, available in the market. Thus, they are considered to be more energy-efficient. 

Hence, these products are regarded as the best option for saving electricity. As you do not need to depend on keyboard, mouse or any other external devices, you can save a lot of money. In addition to the restaurants, they are also used in different retail hospitality environments.

Dual screen POS terminals are becoming widely popular these days as they allow you to use a bunch of programs at a time. At times, we are involved in certain works that require

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