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Vision of qr code and code modules embedded in traditional POS, sweep code charge no worries!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-11
Vision of fujian as an automatic identification technology as the core of Internet of high-tech enterprise, it is because see the traditional merchants cajas ( Such as cashier pos machine) The function of a single, there's no way to meet the alipay, sweep WeChat code charge the functional requirements of the pain points, so pay with the domestic first-class intelligent terminal manufacturer unveiled a set of comprehensive, support barcode payment function of intelligent pos application solutions, aims to provide reliable and pay for performance, meet all kinds of merchants pay demands, and provide more convenience and choice for consumers. It is understood that the scenario cashier POS terminals in addition to covering the traditional credit card function, small notes printing function, mainly by means of embedded LV30 qr code scanning module as the core of the mobile payment code to identify components, to merge the performance of the automatic identification of qr code, data collection and transmission, and integrate sweep yards pay, card coupons validation, group-buying cancel after verification, and many other functions. In addition, the payment link to help businesses not only perfected the O2O closed loop, but also realize the sophisticated data management operations, businesses may at any time through marketing data, customer guest list of fine management and analysis of user consumption behavior, constantly optimize the marketing means, do depth bound to the user. According to introducing, embedded LV30 two-dimensional barcode scanning module USES global unique two-dimensional decoding chip, excellent performance, scanning accuracy, fast read sensitive, fast support pay treasure to purse and WeChat pay for one dimensional and two dimensional mobile payment code reading, especially for code reading made a special technology to check the phone's screen, even in the cell phone battery is low, the phone's screen color film and color barcode such cases can easily finish the reading, improve the customer experience, both at the same time to speed up the circulation of the clients. LV30, meanwhile, has a super small volume, light weight, and the broad environment to adapt to the performance, no matter what kind of embedded application, always trying to be all, easily embedded in traditional cashier POS terminals, portable collection devices, scanning gun products, PDA, medical diagnostic equipment, barcode handsets, and various kinds of form a complete set of ultra-light. At present, LV30 embedded barcode scanning module has comprehensive application, and with excellent mobile payment barcode read performance and good embedding, deeply domestic and foreign intelligence POS terminals manufacturers rush!
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