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Biometric Device


PTKSAI's biometric device - KS-VK01 is a smart visitor management kiosk machine with powerful features such as facial recognition access control, NFC recognition, fingerprint recognition, infrared sensing and so on. After adding the face recognition algorithm, the product can accurately position and recognize the face information within 1 second. Being equipped with the infrared sensor, the product can detect the visitors and automatically start the visitor management system. It is equipped with the function of 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc, which can provide more convenience for people to use. Besides, our kiosk can be compatible with Android and Windows OS. As a product that is used in the public place, the product is required to be attractive in its appearance. It has a stylish metal body and a rugged metal base, which makes it outstanding even under the sunlight or night. A comfortable touch screen with 7-inch and wall-mount type allow it to be placed in many areas. We can satisfy customers' needs in many ways. A 3D light camera can be installed on the product and it can help perform live detection. It has 2GB RAM and 32GB Memory and the storage capacity can be increased up to 128GB as customers require.

This PTKSAI's biometric device is mainly used for identity verification and intelligent security management in public places, gates entry control, office time attendance, school access control and so on.

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