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Visitor planes will lead the next trend

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-24
The visitor plane, specially designed for the registration of visitors, uses white as the theme color to make the whole machine look clean and simple, and then uses blue to decorate and embellish it, making it colorful and infectious. The standard peripherals of this visitor are: ID card reader, QR code scanner, 58 thermal printer, camera. It is a highly cost-effective industrial intelligent visitor. It integrates computer technology, cloud platform technology, data distribution technology, big data processing technology, radio frequency identification technology, fingerprint biometric identification, touch screen handwriting technology, and text identification (OCR) Technology, thermal printing technology, bar code scanning technology, X-ray identification technology, digital camera technology, automatic certification technology, hardware encryption technology, network technology, etc, comprehensively record and save the visitor's certificate information, image information and access information, and provide convenient and multi-way query for visiting data. The visitor plane will lead the next trend. After the application of the visitor guard registration system in the registration office, the mobile visitor registration becomes very simple. Visitors only need to scan the registration, and the system will automatically identify the authenticity of the ID card, the operation process can be completed in tens of seconds, and visitors do not need to stay for a long time. For the floating population, all visitors must be registered. It is not appropriate to use the tianchuang guard registration system, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise. At present, the platform of the visitor plane adopts the online Prepaid mode, and our mission is to provide a series of core technical basic services such as comparison, recognition, standardization and so on, like water, electricity and coal, they are transported to all enterprises, developers, community media, security agencies and all walks of life. The open platform of the visiting airliner and the visiting airliner provides a great commercial imagination space for enterprises. The comparison and recognition of human faces is a cutting-edge and reliable cutting-edge science and technology. No matter from the breadth and depth of business development, the face comparison and recognition service platform represents the technical level of domestic witness face comparison and recognition * professional and * accurate. At the same time, the face comparison and recognition interface platform is more famous for its freedom of form----Unlimited language, unlimited platform (Support browser, desktop) Unlimited use places, creating a more convenient and broader application field for enterprises. At present, the number of migrant workers in China has increased rapidly, the management of foreign visitors from government agencies, troops, electricity, communications, enterprises, residential quarters, schools, office buildings and other units is still at the stage of seeing, asking and writing. This kind of management method has obviously failed to meet the needs of safety management in the new situation. The visitor registration system can represent the traditional handwritten visitor registration, the visitor registration of the visitor, the traditional handwritten visitor registration, and the visitor registration and management integration, to achieve the effects of digital registration, network office and safe management, it can greatly improve the reception work efficiency, improve the quality of humanized service and improve the image of the unit. The interface of face comparison, recognition and comparison is extremely open. Users only need to send a simple Json string to the service platform to return the face model information, therefore, various complicated problems of using face comparison technology in the traditional sense are solved; With the help of mature witness face comparison and recognition comparison and service interface, it can bring more convenient and extraordinary experience to enterprise partners and customers. The open interface for face comparison and recognition of human witnesses subverts the traditional concept of high cost and low efficiency in face comparison and recognition of human witnesses. The main purpose is to extract face feature codes through a patented unique algorithm to work, which can quickly compare the similarity of two face information. The efficiency of comparison speed is industry-leading. Visitor machine visitor machine
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