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WeChat brush face payment device independence cashier frog powerful Pro

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-08
At present, & other; The frog WeChat pro” Has covered such as supermarkets, convenience stores, there is no retail scene, one supermarket self-help time become one of important brush face payment application scenario, with a supermarket as an example, the use of single machine 200 nissan surplus, single store 6 - average configuration 8 units, can undertake stores trade accounted for 30%, more than 30% lower labor costs so. WeChat brush face pay equipment independent cashier mode so-called cashier is: do not need to connect the cashier system, only need to connect individuals WeChat or pay treasure, can complete the payment! At present the 498 technology has developed the independent mode of cashier, introduce the purpose of this function, in order to solve the problem of brush face merchants landing equipment limited, after all, not all the people who do business have a cash register! The 498 science and technology, the frog Pro the following window: contains two cashier mode ( Independent cashier + connection cash register) Brush, compatible with the mainstream face gathering scene! Merchants boss, manager and staff can log in the background, so as to meet the demand of differentiation. Can pay WeChat brush face not only, still can pay by pay treasure to sweep the code, as well as operating a refund, in order to satisfy the demands of all kinds of differentiation of consumers! Have a data center, convenient check! Payment after the success of speech, and print the receipts! No consumer payment cases, auto wheel ads! Frog pro independent cashier system is not only a collection tools, but we brush development face the membership marketing system integration. Independent on the cashier can also seamless docking merchants member data. Device independence, Internet data model. Users can through the business system, for the brush face push card vouchers and other activities! For merchants, it is can save the counter space, a place more goods and set aside for the cashier operation; 2 it is to brush face pay equipment can easily move, more convenient to carry and transport.
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