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WeChat order system

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-08
1. More stores management chain management, regional management you can use the surplus guest & middot; Silver leopard cloud background, anywhere view business report, analyzing the business situation, and stores the member information management, check and order, and so on. In view of the large chain enterprise, the more the regional management function can be used for purview division, set up regional headquarters, etc. 02. Business special report, pointing to profit lost sales - source operating statements Cost = profit? When find profit marking time, perhaps should look at a loss. Surplus guest system support silver leopard dishes according to the raw material portfolio management, can let the food consumption and raw materials, to help you manage stores costs from the source head. At the same time, you can use the food sales accounted for, taste of multiple dimensions, such as ratio as the business situation, find the poor food, and setting up a popular combination. Reports center blockbuster launch & ndash; Report + surplus guest & middot; A silver leopard teamed up with the international well-known consulting company. Slouken textbook development chain from constructions to help you analyze the business, chain management, and to make scientific decisions. 03. Peak meal without increasing people LiWei store surplus guest letter silver leopard micro store support & other; WeChat self-help order & throughout; Function, customers can scan qr code, desktop or login surplus silver leopard micro shop, can self-help order, without waiting for the waiter to be present. At the same time, after the kitchen according to the order contents ramadhin equipment eat, full automation. Help you achieve peak, the manpower cost greatly reduced. 04. Smart order, predict the material consumption of supply chain management first step, use the surplus silver leopard of supply chain management function, through the consumption of food and raw materials, you can directly predict inventory consumption, so as to place an order in a timely manner. And when you have more stores or multiple vendors, surplus guest silver leopard cashier system can directly handle transfer between stores and suppliers distribution, according to a key to achieve inventory warning can order, more support chain central kitchen model! ▼ net quantity in - Sales of inventory theory - = theory Inventory stock = inventory differences inventory query inventory changes in detail inventory goods reported loss inventory history 05 warning check statistics. Accurate CRM to help you find more customers member precision marketing play marketing, need not envy the big enterprise CRM. Now you can set the member integral system, and according to different customer prepaid phone, quota can knock and cashback activities, real return more money. In addition, the system can help you analyze surplus guest silver leopard diving member, a key set SMS push, the promotion function of the built-in activation. ▼ members + marketing perfect system + precision marketing system for paid members, namely take-away member and a variety of way to get insight into the data indicators analysis, make store operations more three-dimensional interactive WeChat platform + SMS platform, implement multi-dimensional marketing retained all membership effective accumulation and precipitation, quantitative change is qualitative transformation promotion material = + time + execution time into objective analysis for tracking marketing effect, flexible adjustment of 06 marketing scheme. Seamless docking three delivery platform delivery management at the front desk cashier deep integration Meituan, hungry, baidu take-away, you don't need to leave the system, the system will be able to deal directly with order take-out platform, and docking kitchen system, you need not holding the phone, run back and forth after the front desk hutch. Surplus guest silver leopard also provide exclusive one-on-one service to help you finish docking platform. ▼ proprietary delivery platform occupied entrance self-built platform through distribution reconstruction industry product structure decentralization everyone is fair, with quality products, profits to the merchants. 07. The food on time, say goodbye to the artificial fault single leakage of KDS electronic kitchen show restaurant receptionist after the order of data real-time synchronous to the kitchen display, after the kitchen according to the order contents ramadhin equipment eat, the waiter can also use mobile phones materials of receiving notification, will not appear again for single leakage and cause trouble. At the same time, first-line managers can see on the screen in real time after the kitchen work, equipment eat time, managers can make real-time optimization arrangement. 08. Multiple stores tastes the same raw materials management through standardized recipes, modular combination of every dish. Surplus guest silver leopard systems support dishes according to the portfolio management of raw materials, a dish can be set by raw materials or semi-finished products, and tag to organizations that are being formed standardized recipes, let you do taste is standardization, the chef cooking by the recipe, which don't have to worry about many stores have different tastes.
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