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WeChat order system is in the restaurant's preferences

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-08
Food industry as meet residents & quot; Food and clothing live line & throughout; Industry that is one of the four basic needs are large. Involves the stores more than 8 million, from the industry foundation is weak gradually developed into in expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption, stable growth and benefit the livelihood of the people all aspects such as important industry has the vital role. As the penetration of mobile Internet for residents, and such as mesh generation born after 80, 90, consumers become the main force of food consumption, the current market of mobile phone online order, payment and equipotential demand continues to grow, at the same time, demand for food consumption convenience, personalization and the brand is also increasing, which makes the restaurant on the function and the service line, the consumption of the user experience continued ascension and the integration of all the link online dimension of competition, will become the domestic food industry into the - Step in the transformation and upgrading of the main positions. For dining process pay more attention to the choice of online, online marketing has become more necessary, when choosing a restaurant dining room pay more attention on the word of mouth, and prices, location is the consumer is consumer choice restaurant factor of two, three, 80. 7% of consumers consider the restaurant when you choose the restaurant's reputation evaluation. Sweep code order system can eradicate both man-made fault single leakage phenomenon, such as shorten customer meal time at the same time, also can let a guest to enjoy more entertainment time, sent boring time, increase the dining pleasure. Demand for services, the waiter's hands server APP can ensure just-in-time, give customers a better experience. WeChat order system advantages: 1, save manpower customer self-service order, query food information, orders, credit card checkout, whole journey without the operation. In the customer enjoy fast service, save 30% on human resources for restaurants 50%. 2, increase sales and brand image WeChat order system can better attract customers experience, improve traffic and popularity, customer self-service order appeared, kitchen real-time order status, can greatly shorten order moment and serving time, improving the turn over rate; Other members can query in the small program directly preferential information, add member activity! 3, reduced operating costs WeChat order system powerful, changed the traditional order mode, save the money; Through data can effectively reduce consumption, reduce operating costs. 4, improve the service WeChat order system can not only avoid man-made fault single, leakage phenomenon, and can shorten the waiting time for customers, also can let customers know the member information and enjoy member benefits; Can be used to cloud point meal system, enjoy the entire intelligent perfect experience. At the same time, a - represented by the new middle Group of major food consumption crowd, besides as always attaches importance to the quality of the food safety, also will be more and more attention to food and beverage experience and efficiency of the whole process, which makes the new technology, new experience will become the center of gravity of the catering industry further development, like a cloud to WeChat order system with intelligence, digital business philosophy to cater to the be fond of of young consumers, and mobile, self-support, intelligent new dining experience will also be not. The important developing direction to catering.
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