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What are the advantages of using face painting

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-28
As a product of the development of the times, brush face payment will be used sooner or later for businesses. Therefore, in the face of such a fact, many businesses have begun to contact slowly. Next, let's take the restaurant as an example to see what benefits it can bring us. 1. To reduce the phenomenon of restaurant queuing to pay for the bill, I believe that many popular restaurants are very troubled to pay for the bill, especially in the peak period, there may be a long queue to pay for the bill, so the introduction of face painting payment will be more convenient. If the restaurant introduces the face swiping payment and cash collection system, it can speed up the collection efficiency, so that the number of people in the restaurant will increase, further promoting the restaurant revenue. 2. Brush face payment is becoming more and more secure. Brush face payment equipment uses 3D face recognition technology, which uses millimeter level depth of field information detection to collect unique biometric information of users through light sense lattice, and then connects with the payment account after the real name certificate to achieve the effect of security payment. Therefore, even if the lawbreakers hold our photos or videos, it is difficult Certification of payment. 3. Payment is more convenient. In the whole process of daily payment, sometimes there are many situations such as forgetting to bring a mobile phone, no power, no signal, mobile card, crash, etc. at this time, swipe face payment can help customers to omit the difficulty of memorizing and inputting passwords, and build a combination of people and wallet or bank card. The burden of consumers is more convenient and more and more willing to come This restaurant consumes. 4. It can reduce the cost for businesses to pay by brushing their faces after the restaurant goes online. It can reduce the waiting for check-out, complete the payment process in 3-8 seconds, and improve the settlement efficiency by 50%. As a business, it can save labor cost and time cost, withdraw cash and free handling fee. After the cost is reduced, it can give consumers more and more preferential policies, which can be said to be very beneficial for businesses and individuals. Therefore, brush face payment realizes one-stop intelligent dining service. Combining online and offline background, restaurant managers and customers to achieve convenient and safe dining experience and efficient and intelligent restaurant operation. See here, we should not doubt the benefits that face painting payment can bring to restaurants and other businesses.
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