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What are the identification methods of bio-electronic gate?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-25
Bio-electronic gate refers to a variety of biological technologies such as fingerprint recognition, finger vein recognition, face recognition, palm vein recognition, iris recognition and the like added to the traditional intelligent gate, making the gate diversified recognition methods, meet the needs of different occasions. For example, the bio-electronic gate for airport security check can show your certificate and boarding pass and pass through the self-service gate. Compared with the traditional boarding process, the bio-electronic gate can greatly shorten the waiting time. What are the identification methods of bio-electronic gate? First, fingerprint identification, fingerprint identification is mainly based on the texture, detail characteristics and other information of the human fingerprint to identify the operation or the operator, thanks to modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology and fast and reliable algorithm research, it has begun to enter our daily life and has become a more in-depth research and widely used biological detection science, develop more mature technologies. What are the identification methods of bio-electronic gate? Second, finger vein identification, finger vein identification is a kind of vein identification. Firstly, the finger vein distribution map is obtained by the finger vein identification instrument, and the characteristic value is extracted from the finger vein distribution map according to the special comparison algorithm, through near-infrared light irradiation, CCD camera is used to obtain the image of finger vein, and the digital image of finger vein is stored in a computer system, and the characteristic value is stored. What are the identification methods of bio-electronic gate? Third, face recognition, face recognition is based on human facial features, for the input face image or video stream ,. Firstly, it is judged whether there is a face. If there is a face, the position and size of each face and the position information of each major facial organ are further given. According to this information, the identity features contained in each person's face are further extracted and compared with known faces, thus identifying the identity of each person's face. Fourth, palm vein recognition is another mature technology in this field. When using palm vein for identity authentication, the image features of palm vein are obtained, it is a feature that exists when the palm is living. In this system, non-living palms cannot be identified without vein image features, thus they cannot be falsified. Five, iris recognition technology has now been widely recognized. Iris recognition technology is more accurate, but sometimes recognition disorders will occur when the device performs retinal scanning. The bio-electronic gate needs to customize the appearance and function of the intelligent Gate channel according to the needs of different occasions. 1. Do not infringe the user's privacy, which is the red line that all device fingerprint products need to strictly abide. Violation of user privacy, based on user sensitive information ( Such as user browsing history, user input sensitive data, etc) The device fingerprint products developed, even if they are powerful, are meaningless, and there is no need to say more. 2. The balance between security and user experience. A good device fingerprint needs to find a balance between security and user experience; In fact, this concept can be derived to a broader level, that is, security protection should find a balance between security and business development. For security practitioners, this is the * standard that we should keep in mind. Security always serves the business. The elimination of hard device fingerprints mentioned above (U Shield)And the development of soft device fingerprints (Js, SDK)It is a strong proof of this concept. Although the functionality and security of soft device fingerprints are slightly poor in some cases, they have greatly improved the user experience. By combining the comprehensive risk identification of other dimensions, practice has proved that the fingerprint mechanism of soft equipment is effective and the risk is controllable.
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