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What are the manufacturers of Android smart visitor planes in Shenzhen?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-21
With the rapid development of social economy, the business contacts between various places are getting closer, so the flow of personnel is accelerating and the identity of personnel is becoming more complicated. In order to ensure the safe and orderly development of work in various places, the access management of visitors came into being. Ptksai is a leader in the Android smart visitor manufacturer. If you want to achieve a real sense of active visitor management, the identification of the visitor's personnel access management needs has spawned a series of industry development. At the end of last century, the domestic economy developed rapidly, the number of people entering and leaving the same place increased, and their identities became complicated. Due to frequent safety accidents in places, people want to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering, so the channel industry appears in China. After several years of precipitation, the market scale of the channel industry has formed and the industry has matured. Entering this century, the economy continues to develop at a high speed, a large number of small and medium-sized companies emerge, and municipal construction is also increasing. Therefore, the restriction at the passage can no longer meet the demand. The Entrance Guard system is then introduced, and the entrance guard system controls the entrance and exit safety in every company. After that, we even wanted to control the visiting floors of visitors, so a ladder control system appeared. The Times continue to advance, business contacts are more frequent, and personnel visits are more complicated. Therefore, the combination of access, access control and ladder control cannot meet the demand. Looking at the development of personnel access management, we will find that all these industries are actually solving a problem: let regular visits and prevent irrelevant personnel from entering. However, access, access control and ladder control seem to have only local restrictions. When he enters the place, we lose control of him. Just as a person knocks on the door of our house, as long as he knocks on the door, the door will open. If he has the key to my door, he can enter any room, and we can't control him, so security incidents happen. Whether it is the above manual registration or computer registration, it is not a mature visitor management. They only do a part of the identity confirmation of visitor management. At present, what the market needs is a visitor management system that can bring a good experience to users and ensure their safe access! This kind of visitor management should not only ensure the security of his identity when entering the site, but also ensure the security of his access inside the site. So, in this era of user experience, how can we achieve excellent user experience and efficient and safe visitor management? There is only one answer, turning passive into active! The author believes that the passive visitor registration system is only an excessive product, and the real visitor management will be the world of active intelligent management. I have to say that I admire those enterprises that have a keen sense of smell and quick response. As far as I know, Qian Lin Hengxing, who started as a queuing machine for visiting passenger planes and has a certain influence in the channel industry, has pushed the active intelligent visitor management system to the market, and successfully used in courts, business buildings and other places. Among them, Qianlin visitor registration all-in-one machine, which supports self-service boarding and reservation registration functions for visitors. After the visitor arrives at the place, the identity information can be self-registered on the registration equipment, and the equipment will automatically dial the telephone number of the interviewee to confirm whether the card is issued; This card can lead visitors to the visited area through the Channel gate, elevator and entrance guard; At the same time, this machine also supports the network reservation function. The interviewee registers the identity of the visitor and the mobile phone number through the browser, and the system will automatically send the SMS reservation number to the visitor's mobile phone, after the visitor arrives at the hall, he can directly enter the reservation number to spit the card.
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