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What are the methods for Shenzhen POS cash register manufacturers to use intelligent POS machines?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-24
In the era of science and technology, why can intelligent POS machines emerge? According to the investigation, the intelligent POS machine has powerful functions and perfect service system, which can realize double-screen touch of merchants and consumers and create the ultimate user experience through human-computer interaction. The products mainly have the characteristics of large angle, visual optimization design and strong interactivity. The use of intelligent POS machines can customize and push customer screen advertisements through consumer data-based behaviors, habits and preferences, continuously improve user stickiness, display targeted marketing activities, and promote consumption, it can also accurately present the consumption details and amount, and it can be seen at a glance to enhance the overall brand image of the merchants. Shenzhen intelligent POS cash register manufacturer teaches you how to use it correctly. First, the intelligent POS machine can effectively dissipate heat to ensure the placement space of the intelligent POS machine. The left and right sides and the back of the intelligent POS machine have heat dissipation vents to keep smooth and do not block, avoid Automatic shutdown or restart due to overheating of the intelligent POS machine. Second, the intelligent POS machine safety cleaning intelligent POS cash register manufacturers keep the intelligent POS machine clean, do not place items on the intelligent POS machine, to achieve waterproof, dustproof, oil proof; When cleaning the intelligent POS machine, Please wipe it gently with a dry cloth, and do not wipe the body of the intelligent POS machine with a wet cloth or chemicals. Such as: gasoline, thinner, etc; Three, the intelligent POS machine correctly placed the intelligent POS machine to avoid exposure to severe sunlight or high humidity environment; The intelligent POS machine should be operated on a fixed and stable table to ensure the smooth wiring, and all kinds of lines should not be in the open air; How to use the pos cash register IV. The intelligent pos machine is turned on and off correctly. Before the intelligent pos machine is turned on, ensure that the equipment is powered on; Press the red button to cancel the control or press the black button on the right side of the smart POS machine to switch the machine (Depending on the model); After Shutdown, ensure that the intelligent POS machine has been disconnected from the power supply; Shenzhen POS cash register manufacturers have PCBA, integration, research and development, production, sales, logistics and service as a whole industrial chain, focus on hotel cash register solutions, catering cash register solutions, Shangchao cash register solutions, clothing cash register solutions, retail cash register solutions, etc. The usage of pos cash register nowadays, the development of mobile Internet and the change of consumption concept, especially the strong acceptance of new things by young consumers, the rise of group buying, O2O and other modes, online payment and offline payment promote each other, and mainstream payment methods such as bank card swiping and Alipay are prevalent. The limitations of traditional POS are gradually revealed, which greatly reduces the shopping experience of consumers. The single acquiring function is useless for merchants. Merchants urgently need an intelligent, omni-channel and diversified payment tool, so that the payment platform equipment and technology can keep up with the trend of the times. The launch of ECOPLUS Android dual touch screen cash register has perfectly subverted the traditional POS technology and promoted the intelligent development of payment life, conforming to the development of the times, Shenzhen POS cash register manufacturer ECOPLUS Android double touch screen cash register is based on its Internet POS thinking mode and completes cash register work, integrate popular mobile payment solutions, Internet advertising, multi-screen display, dual-screen touch, big data collection and analysis, cloud storage and other functions. ECOPLUS Android dual touch screen POS cash register provides more choices for middle and high-end industry merchants. In addition, ECOPLUS innovatively adopts a double-touch capacitive screen with high resolution, comfortable hand feeling and fast and accurate positioning. Not only does it bring a brand-new touch experience to the cashier, but it also makes the multimedia advertising of the sub-screen more innovative and provides customers with a more personalized shopping experience. With the diversification and diversification of mobile payment methods and Internet O2O platforms, consumers are also demanding higher and higher compatibility of payment platforms and equipment. Under the background of the limitations of the development of traditional POS technology, the ECOPLUS Android dual touch screen cash register with powerful functions not only affects the re-division of the POS industry market cake, but also serves as the golden key to open the POS intelligent era, it will also bring about the innovation of POS technology. Shenzhen POS cash register manufacturer
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