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What are the reasons for the price difference of outdoor Android smart advertising machines?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-29
With the popularity of outdoor advertising machines, plasma, liquid crystal and other flat panel display devices, and the development of network streaming media technology, the system architecture has undergone several generations of changes, * at the beginning, it was composed of a display screen, a DVD player or a PC. After the introduction of network technology, a dedicated network media player replaced the traditional pure DVD or PC playing form, functions become richer and applications become more diverse. Therefore, some people juxtapose it with paper media, radio, television and the Internet, calling it the fifth Media, it has the function of publishing information at a specific time, at a specific place and for a specific group of people. There are many kinds of outdoor advertising machines on the market, and the prices are also uneven. What are the reasons for the price difference of outdoor advertising machines? The following is explained by the technical staff of ptksai: several factors affecting the price of advertising Machines. Many customers will directly consult, what is the price of your advertising machine, and how much is the price of the advertising machine. In fact, it affects the price of advertising machines (IE * final quotation) There are many factors, and the prices of advertising machines reported by different brands will be different. If you want to know the price of the advertising machine, you must first understand the components of the advertising machine. So, what are the components of the advertising machine? What is the role of each part? Generally speaking, a complete advertising machine equipment consists of: LCD screen, driver board, decoding board, power board, power supply and personalized advertising machine shell. Advertising Machine LCD screen: it is the part of the LCD display that we usually see, but the LCD screen of the advertising machine is different from the general computer. It is both an input device (Used to realize the function of touch control equipment)It is also an output device. This part of the price of advertising machine is usually related to the market price of the original LCD panel. For example, the price of the Samsung panel you used is definitely different from that of the domestic panel. The company used the industrial LCD panel that Samsung DID. Advertising Machine driver board: similar to the function of the computer's motherboard, it is used to drive the software to work and connect other components of the advertising machine into an organic whole. The drive board used has strong performance and is very stable. Advertising Machine decoding board: a device that can output switching signal when working. The power supply board and the power supply form the power supply system equipment of the advertisement machine. Personalization: it is the part that customizes the shell of the advertising machine according to the customer's requirements. Generally speaking, the advertising machine needs to customize different personalized appearances due to different places of placement. Of course, the price of the personalized appearance customization part of the advertising machine includes the design of the shell and the cost of mold opening. Affect the advertising machine quotation (Price) Other factors: advertising machine manufacturing costs and expenses (Workers' wage management fees, etc) Factors such as the agent price difference in the intermediate link and the order quantity of the advertising machine can also affect the price of the LCD advertising machine. Some customers often ask how much is an advertising machine? This is not a good answer, but it is worth noting that because there are many production processes and circulation links, one or two advertising machines are usually not accepted. LCD screen Price: large screen is naturally much more expensive than small screen, and the new outdoor advertising machine LCD screen and second-hand screen have a price drop of several hundred yuan, which we can't see when we buy products, it must be used in the outdoor advertising machine for a period of time before it can be understood. In terms of material, the brightness of LED screen is higher than that of LCD, the display effect is good, and the price is more expensive. System software difference: the network version is more expensive than the stand-alone version of the waterproof advertising machine. Among them, the system difference determines the use function of the network waterproof advertising machine. The system software such as Star Network, Android and X86 are all different. Whether the application function is powerful or not: the general outdoor waterproof advertising machine has a single function and is much cheaper only to meet the screening requirements of products. Especially in today's rapidly changing technology, with the diversification of demand, the same, the functional requirements for waterproof advertising machines have also become diversified. There are waterproof advertising machines suitable for banks, and there are also requirements for shopping malls and government office buildings. In addition to the structural shape, internal strength is crucial! In recent years, multi-point touch screen, 3D naked eye, virtual dressing and other technologies have refreshed us from time to time. Of course, this is based on the price of waterproof advertising machines.
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