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what does pos stand for?

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-23
If you are a businessman, you may have encountered the term POS before.
What is POS and how does it help your business?
POS represents the point of sale \".
\"This is the system your business uses to take money from your customers and provide them with receipts.
For accuracy and convenience, almost all POS systems are computerized.
The basic part of the POS system if you buy a new POS system in the market, you need to know what the basic part is.
Keep in mind that you can buy your POS system as a bundle, including software, or you can assemble your own system by purchasing parts separately. POS Computer -
The computer is the most important part of the system.
Some POS computers are like computers that run the POS software you load onto them.
Everyone else has software programs that don\'t run like a normal computer. Cash Drawer -
The cash drawer has any money, check or credit card receipt you receive.
It is connected to the POS computer and will only turn on if the computer sends it the correct signal.
This helps protect you from theft. POS Monitor -
The display allows you to see what you have entered on your POS computer.
A lot of POS displays are touch.
The screen is enabled, which makes them an input device and does not require a keyboard. Scanner -
The scanner allows you to scan the barcode on the item you are selling.
Some scanners are handheld, while others are embedded in POS devices.
Technically, the scanner is an optional project because the UPC code can be entered manually, but it is almost impossible to use the POS system effectively without the POS system.
Receipt Printer
The receipt printer is connected to the POS system, allowing you to print your receipt quickly for your customers.
In many systems, the receipt printer also prints receipts signed by customers when they pay by credit card.
Optional POS components other components of the POS system you may or may not need.
They may not be optional for you if you do need them, but these are items that some merchants can use and still run an efficient store.
Credit card terminal/signature capture device-
If you are going to use a credit card, you need a way to read it.
Your POS system may have a built-in credit card read option, but you will need a credit card terminal if not.
You also need a pin pad for your client to enter a PIN number and sometimes an electronic signature.
Keyboard and Mouse
If there is no touch screen on your system, you will need the keyboard and mouse to input the information into the system.
These can be tailored to your store type or traditional PC keyboard.
Customer bar display-
Customers like to see their order canceled correctly.
If they are unable to see the display in your settings, consider investing in a customer pole display to show them a summary of what is estimated in the system.
If your pin pad shows a summary of the order, you may not need this.
These are the basic components of the POS system, excluding software.
When you build your new store, consider which of these sections is most helpful.
Build a convenient, easy-to-understand and efficient POS system.
This will ensure that you can complete as many transactions as you can every day.
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