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What functions of ptksai intelligent cash register are easy to use?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-16
Ptksai smart cash register which functions are easy to use in different stores, there are different functional requirements, but without exception, the cash register is required. An intelligent cash register can not only meet the cash register of different stores, but also be used for in-store orders and take-out orders. Such a fully automatic and multi-functional intelligent cash register is rare on the market. Le take-out provides a fully automatic, multi-functional and intelligent one-piece cash register for many store merchants, in-store cashier, in-store order, take-out order, etc. , intelligent integrated processing, replacing traditional manpower, it really improves the efficiency of store operations. Ptksai smart cash register cashier/order smart cash register function for multi-industry stores, restaurants, fast food, fresh fruit, drink coffee, baked desserts, convenient sales, etc, meet the cashier needs of a variety of different stores. Ptksai intelligent cash register function dinner cash register: support to pay after dinner, open, change, add vegetables, return vegetables, automatically print to the kitchen, print orders, APP and WeChat scan code orders, etc. Ptksai smart cash register fast food cashier: easy to operate, get started, support for calling and taking meals. Intelligent Cash Register function scan code cash register: can scan the fast cash register process such as commodity bar code, bill of lading/pending order. Ptksai intelligent cash register weighing integrated cash register: support electronic scale direct connection cash register automatic weighing, synchronous weighing data and fast scanning label cash register. Smart cash register function fast cash register: two steps to complete the cash register, WeChat payment successfully automatically pays attention to the public number. Smart cash register function music delivery provides * comprehensive payment method, one-stop access to mobile payment * mainstream payment methods: WeChat Payment, Alipay, cash, bank card, member balance, etc. Ptksai smart cash register every store that has opened a store knows that it is very difficult to operate a store. From the initial decoration preparation to the passenger flow and operation after the opening, it is necessary to consider. Now, all the operations needed after opening a shop can be done through an intelligent cash register. Intelligent Cash Register function Advantages of using intelligent cash register 1. Each time you collect money, you can be accurate and reduce cashier errors, because online payment can be used. 2, it can also make each data record of the cashier very detailed, can count the daily turnover and performance, and refuse the cashier's misappropriation. 3. It can provide business data such as daily total turnover, total sales volume, total inventory, passenger flow, etc. , and provide reference basis for business management for all bosses, improve work efficiency
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