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What industry is suitable for ptksai touch advertising machine?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-28
What kind of industry is suitable for ptksai touch advertising machine? It is well known that it has entered the touch era. Whether it is a mobile phone or a TV computer, finger control has become our habit. The same is true of the development of advertising Machines. After several generations of development, touch all-in-one machines have become an important part of advertising machines, more and more publishing houses, hotels, shopping malls and supermarkets have adopted more beautiful and practical touch-integrated advertising machines, so that customers can easily and quickly use and understand their own consultation. Which industries are suitable for using touch advertising machines? Let's take a look. Ptksai touch advertising machine, which is suitable for advertising machines, is now concerned and expected by many post-80 s and post-90 s applications of touch technology in advertising machines. The growth of touch screen digital signage in several fields, including public places, health care, government, retail enterprises, transportation and education. It is suitable for all predicted growth points of users who need digital signage for ptksai touch advertising machine, and reflects consumers' interest in touch screen technology. Of course, interactive touch screen technology is not applicable to all digital signage products. The increase in the number of digital signage with touch screen function also allows the audience to find the information they need. Suitable for advertising machine ptksai touch advertising machine 1, the use of touch advertising machines in shops and stores. The use of multimedia advertising machines in shopping malls is not uncommon. The use of touch advertising machines will involve some interactive links. Consumers can obtain * promotional information from advertising machines and even print promotional coupons. In addition, consumers can also focus on a product in the advertising machine, and after a brief click, they can know more detailed information about the product. Suitable for advertising machine ptksai touch advertising Machine 2, banking and financial industry touch advertising machine. Usually in the waiting area of the banking financial category, there will be advertising machines to display the basic information and advertisements of the financial profession. In addition, touch-type advertising machines also offer services such as taking by code, the use of touch advertising machine has been expanded, but it also requires great improvement in safety and accuracy. Suitable for advertising machine ptksai touch advertising machine 3. The promotion on the personalized advertising machine is one-to-one, rational, consumer-led, non-compulsive, step-by-step, and it is a low-cost and humanized promotion, avoid the interference of strong sales promotion by salesmen, and establish long-term good relations with consumers through information provision. 4. The growth advertising machine has become a market channel with great development potential because the audience of communication advertisements mostly belong to young, middle-class and highly educated groups. 5. The advanced advertising machine gets rid of the traditional advertising mode before, such as the traditional distribution of leaflets, newspapers, etc. , while the advertising machine is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, multi-faceted and provides a variety of communication, which is easily accepted by the majority of groups.
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