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What is a thermal label printer


Nowadays, label printers are widely used in many shopping malls and milk tea shops, mainly for people to find this product in all commodities faster and more convenient when they sell it. But people will encounter a variety of problems in the process of using. Without time to find technology, what can they do without setting up?

Next I will teach you how to set and check the label printer.

Label printer applications and fields:

Label printers are divided into two types: thermal printers and thermal transfer printers, which can print labels, commodity price tags, bar codes, and other modes. With the development of science and technology, the products printed by label printers are widely used. For example, at the main bus stop, many people find that there is an additional sign on the bus stop sign called Public Travel Information Query System, which has black and white maze-like patterns, besides specific instructions for operation and use. Some "cool" young people try to take pictures of this strange pattern with their mobile phones. For a moment, information such as travel routes, nearby restaurants and entertainment businesses, latest discount information, downloading coupons, customized purchase products appear on the screen of the mobile phone.

Installation and use method:

1, unpacking inspection

When unpacking the box, we must see clearly the details inside, whether there is less. (Carbon tape, label paper, printer, USB connection, power supply, CD, etc.)

2. Installation consumables

Thermosensitive without carbon ribbon, can be installed directly bar code paper. Another kind needs to install the carbon belt before installing the bar code paper. When installing the carbon belt, you must take good care of the instructions. Don't install the carbon belt backwards, you can't use it.

3. Calibration paper

Connect the USB connection to the computer, then turn on the computer. When the three lights are on normally, hold the cancel button, release the three lights when they flash at the same time, press the feed button, and stop automatically.

5. Installation of Software and Driver

Install the editing software BarTenderUL in the computer CD-ROM with the CD-ROM. Next step, the installation can be completed.

Daily Maintenance of Printers

1. The label printer should be maintained regularly in the process of using, for example, after printing a roll of carbon tape or printing for a long time, the printer should mainly clean the printer head and drum.

2. Generally speaking, label paper is a type of self-adhesive. In the process of using, the glue on the paper is easy to stick on the rotating shaft and passage, and it is easy to stick dust after a long time.

3. Don't cut off the power suddenly when using the printer normally. It is easy to cause circuit board short circuit.

4. Do not disassemble and assemble by yourself.

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