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What is express logistics bazun? Share its application

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-23
What is a bayonet? Bagun, also known as logistics PDA or hand-held terminal, in the logistics and express industry, is called express scanning bagun. Logistics express industry is developing in full swing, but at the same time, the competition of logistics express industry is also very fierce. Logistics express enterprises need to improve the level of information to improve their competitiveness. As an important equipment in the development of logistics information, bazun can meet the needs of information collection, processing and query in the logistics express industry, help to realize the efficient management of logistics express industry and improve the competitiveness of logistics express enterprises. The logistics express industry has high requirements for the stability and timeliness of mobile information processing. As a special PDA for logistics, Ba gun needs to have a high level of industrial protection (above IP65), which is suitable for harsh industrial environment. It is dust-proof, waterproof and fall proof. It can easily deal with all kinds of bad barcodes (stains, mobile, damaged, large amount of barcodes, etc.) to meet the high-strength requirements of the logistics express industry for Ba gun Need to use. As a practitioner of intelligent logistics, Xingtong IOT is committed to promoting the intelligent construction of logistics enterprises through efficient data collection. Facing the difficult problems of poor application environment and high frequency of use in the logistics industry, it optimizes the actual operation links, improves the efficiency of artificial work, reduces the operation cost of enterprises, and realizes the intelligent management of logistics express industry. Ba gun integrates the work business of receiving, sorting, distributing, dispatching and other links to realize the intelligent management of logistics express industry, real-time data collection and collection to a unified information platform. Managers can get information in real time through the background and then manage it. Users can also query logistics tracking information in real time, which not only improves work efficiency, reduces error rate, but also improves service quality and improves customer satisfaction. Key points for selection of gun 1. Protection grade: the use environment of the gun is relatively harsh, dusty and easy to fall, so the gun used in logistics and express industry should have the characteristics of dust-proof and anti falling, and should have a higher industrial protection grade. 2. Scanning speed and stability: the logistics express industry has a large volume of business, high-intensity and high-frequency use demand, and also requires high scanning speed and stability of the gun. 3. Easy to identify all kinds of bad barcodes: in the process of express transportation and transfer, barcodes are easy to be damaged. Bargun needs to easily deal with all kinds of bad barcodes, such as damaged, folded, stained, moved and written large amount of barcodes. 4. Long endurance: high-intensity use, high battery durability requirements of the gun, while saving the enterprise's battery procurement costs. 5. Light, portable and comfortable to hold: the human-oriented design of light, portable and comfortable to hold the gun makes the salesman reduce the discomfort of the hand and improve the work efficiency. As a logistics PDA, the daily maintenance method of Ba gun has a higher industrial protection level, but if it is maintained in use, it can also appropriately extend the service life and reduce the maintenance and purchase cost of the enterprise. 1. Please read the manual carefully before use, and operate the gun according to the manual. 2. Although Xingtong Wu Lian Ba gun has a high industrial protection level, it should also be avoided to operate in the environment of too high or too low temperature and soaking in the process of use. 3. Prevent sharp objects from hitting the screen of the gun. When cleaning the screen, try not to use solvent or alcohol. Spray a small amount of commercial liquid crystal screen cleaner on the soft cloth to avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the screen. 4. Do not place the gun in dusty, humid, supercooled or overheated places for a long time, so as not to affect the service life of the gun. 5. When the power is insufficient, it should be charged in time. It is better to charge when the power is 10% - 20%. Long term use of the gun to charge after automatic shutdown will affect the service life of the battery. Shenzhen Xingtong IOT Technology Co., Ltd. mainly develops and produces laser scanning platform, barcode scanning gun, CCD scanning gun, two-dimensional scanning gun, omnidirectional laser barcode scanner, scanning module, etc. the above products can be OEM OEM. The company has provided OEM services to many famous brands, with a factory area of about 1534 square meters. Since now, the company has passed the quality assurance system ISO9000, and its products have passed CE, FCC, and other certification. It is a national high-tech and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise. The company has more than 90 patent certificates, including invention patent, software copyright, utility model patent, appearance patent, etc. The company adheres to the business philosophy of 'customer first, forge ahead' and adheres to the principle of 'customer first' to provide customers with high-quality services.
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