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What is smart cash register 5. 0?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-09
In the past, Retail seemed to be the world of offline physical stores. With the development of the Internet, online retail has robbed a large number of customers of offline retail due to lower prices and larger inventory. In recent years, the physical retail industry has faced great challenges. At the same time, the impact of online retail has forced physical retail enterprises to carry out an upgrade and change, and the collapse of e-commerce has also proved that a single sales model can no longer meet the needs of market development. At this time, the new retail seems to let the retail industry see the dawn, through the big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence related technologies to integrate online and offline retail, * finally achieve the purpose of improving the consumer experience! 1. Cash register 1. Era 0 * The ancient cash register should be called a cash register. There is no electronic display, only a small number of cards indicating the price are hung on the small hooks. The following press, the price card was swayed and hooked up. The price tag is two-sided, and the salesperson inside and the customer outside can see it. Although such an early cash register looked clumsy, it already had the important functions of a modern cash register. Shopkeepers can check cash from the records every day. 2. Cash Register 2. In the late 1960s s, Japan took the lead in developing electronic cash registers and began to have the characteristics of intelligence and networking, it has become an effective tool and means for labor management, accounting management and Commodity Management in commercial sales. In addition, with the electronic display screen, the image of the cash register has also changed. 3. Cash register 3. 0 era in the 1980s, commercial dedicated terminal system (POS) Generate, become the third generation cash register, Windows platform, software to achieve financial and report analysis, can connect a variety of peripherals, can also use IC cards, bank cards, etc. , can be stand-alone or networked. Composition: host, keyboard, display, micro printer, Cash Box, guest display, scanning gun, card slot, etc. Disadvantages: large size, power consumption, mostly using poor motherboards, poor fans, etc. , the noise is extremely unpleasant. 4. Cash Register 4. The fourth generation POS cash register in the 0 era has developed into a touch screen all-in-one machine, plus other configurations such as cash box, software, small ticket machine, customer display, labeling machine, etc. Disadvantages: it also has the disadvantages of the third generation machine. Today, when there is basically no resistance screen mobile phone in the current market, the resistance screen is still used and the touch screen experience is poor. 5, smart cash register 5. With the continuous precipitation and development of technology in the 0 era, the fifth generation cash register is also coming in full swing, Android POS collection machine. It uses a dual-touch capacitive HD screen and an Android system that is consistent with the mobile phone. The guest display is also an Android machine with dual screens; Low noise and power saving; It is also equipped with a high-performance motherboard and processor, which integrates printing and cash register, saving space and cost; It can also customize services, such as the external interface of hardware, and can be debugged and compatible with a variety of cash register system software such as delicious, silver leopard, and kemai. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the layout of artificial intelligence in new retail also makes technological innovation in POS cash register industry urgent. In the future, commercial intelligent terminal equipment in catering Retail, identification, O2O and financial payment industries will also develop in the direction of visualization, multifunction, convenience and self-help. Smart cash register 5. The 0 era is really coming!
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