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What is the professional fruit wholesale management system? The speed business archives mouths version!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
Wholesale markets for agricultural products as an important part of China's agricultural circulation, is a production base link the upstream and downstream farmers market with retailers super terminal is the important bridge on production and sales. Compared with fresh retail side, the upper reaches of the fruit and vegetable wholesale market volume obviously larger, its information management requirements also more urgent, so the fruit and vegetable wholesale market merchants in how to choose a professional fruit and vegetable wholesale market management system? ( A) Principle of joint scenario kang mingtai g's each kind of agricultural management system is based on the basis of the niche business business scenario. Speed quotient as kang mingtai grams of its fruit and vegetable wholesale professional management system, nature is also a team deep plunge into fruit and vegetable wholesale market for many years, from the dimension of degree of joint business scenario analysis and into. Speed quotient archives mouths version order process completely according to the fruit and vegetable wholesale market in the existing process and design, supporting the self-management, friends' stuff and sell various stalls selling modes and many employees role authorization to ensure data security. Fruit and vegetable stalls boss also can quickly by inputting various flexible industry cost settlement, a key to check the report! ( 2) Efficient simple principle of fruit and vegetable wholesale market has the characteristics of the project and involves large, this is a rather complicated archives mouths management system cannot support stall owners to & other; Order quick, quick cashier, audit & throughout; The strong demand of! And speed, fruit and vegetable wholesale management system for the function to change numerous for brief the delete delete, actual demand is increasing, mining point of improving the core process of experience and efficiency! With app side fool operation, the characteristics of the mobile terminal can open account, directly reduce the use of fruit and vegetable stalls staff cost and implementation cost! ( 3) Principle of continued growth speed, as a new pattern building agricultural product circulation, full of fresh fruits and vegetables B2B management system speed quotient archives mouths version is only one to agriculture group of market stalls in the business as the core management system. With the fruit and vegetable stall merchants business expands, the continued growth of the enterprise, speed, and wholesale markets for agricultural products trade, platform version system with customer related to edition of mouth from a small business to expand the business scope as multiple file management, to the platform enterprise full lifecycle support! Speed business archives mouths, fruit and vegetable wholesale business a good helper! A professional for fruit and vegetable wholesale archives mouths inventory management, customer management, supplier management, transaction analysis, and make out an invoice & ndash; Payment & ndash; Pickup & ndash; The whole process of loan settlement SaaS management system!
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