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What points should we pay attention to when choosing a commercial POS cashier?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-20
The matters that should be paid attention to when purchasing a commercial POS cash register can be roughly divided into the following three points: 1. Considering its needs and structural structure, when an enterprise purchases a POS cash register, of course, we should take into account our own actual situation. Supermarkets and supermarkets should purchase flexible split POS cash registers or modular POS cash registers; Opening specialty stores and convenience stores should adopt relatively simple integrated POS machines; Department stores and shopping centers should consider the availability of space and make purchase choices according to the specific conditions of space. Of course, no matter what kind of storefront, the choice of the front desk software system platform should be considered. If the front-end software runs on DOS platform, the requirements for CPU, memory and hard disk are lower than those for cash register. The front-end software runs on windowsXP, windows 7 and other platforms. The CPU's main frequency * exceeds 500 MHZ, the external frequency is not less than 100 MHZ, and the memory is greater than 64 M. Avoid high-cost configuration and increase useless costs. Of course, if the configuration is too low, the normal operation of the front-end software cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the above configuration data is used as a reference. The power consumption of CPU should also be taken into account. The power consumption of ordinary CPU should exceed 30 watts, while that of low-power CPU is less than 10 watts. CPU is an important heat source in cash register, with too high temperature and poor heat dissipation, it is very likely that the cash register will crash, so it is recommended to choose a low power CPU. 2. Considering its performance and quality assurance, the performance and quality of the product itself are important indicators of POS cash register. The performance indicators that the purchasing enterprise should pay attention to are: the external bus of the motherboard, the external interface capability, CPU's main frequency, power consumption, power consumption and heat dissipation design. At present, there are many kinds of mainboards for POS cash register. The external bus bandwidth is 33 MHZ, 66 MHZ, 100 MHZ, 133 MHZ, etc. The higher the external bus bandwidth, the faster the cash register runs. At present, the main board of the cash register has more than 4 serial ports, one or two parallel ports, Cash Box port, Ethernet port, keyboard port, mouse port, USB port, etc. As the needs of commercial enterprises change frequently and it is often necessary to expand the cash register function, it is necessary to select products with many external interfaces. When considering the product structure, the main frequency and power consumption of the CPU are already involved. If it is not the need of special services, a low-power CPU is good. The cash register is called Operation * the important thing is stability. If the crash occurs, the customer will wait in a long queue for a long time. Therefore, try to choose products with low power consumption of the whole machine and eliminate the occurrence of crash as much as possible. Another reason for paying attention to the power consumption of the cash register is that the use environment of the cash register is relatively poor and the ventilation is poor. Therefore, the heat dissipation design of the whole machine should be considered at the same time, especially in the high temperature area in the South. 3. Considering its price and cost price, the so-called cost and price refers to the purchase price and maintenance cost of the machine itself, many people only see the cost of the machine itself when considering the cost, but forget that the maintenance of the machine itself also requires a certain cost and cost. Therefore, when we buy machines, we should consider all aspects.
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