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What role does advertising machine play in these industries?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-03
Is it optional? I don't think so. Advertising machines are indispensable in many places. I'll tell you today. In the bank, the advertising machine can be used for users to inquire, make appointments, take numbers, queue up, and play preferential information to attract attention to expand business, play music and other functions, so that customers can enjoy fast and worry-free services, increase brand goodwill. Advertising machine in the meeting, we have to list the contents of the meeting when we meet, often the meeting will be very tired for a few hours, explain the need to write this on the blackboard, write the need to wipe, or use the projector computer to turn the page, but the general projection is not clear, and the operation is very troublesome, the advertising machine is done with one button, the screen touch, the remote control operation is very convenient, making our meeting more labor-saving. Advertising machine in the supermarket, placing advertising machine in the supermarket can release preferential information to promote products, and can also provide consumers with inquiries about commodity classification areas, and can also provide consumers with small games for entertainment, there are so many uses for advertising machines that you have reason not to put one? The advertising machine is in the hotel, and the hotel emergency notice is issued in time to ensure the effectiveness and timeliness of information transmission. Real-time release of preferential information about entertainment places and tourist attractions around the hotel, display and forecast weather information, world clock, air quality and other forms of daily information, to provide customers with fast and convenient information advertising machines in the station subway, some traffic rules can be published in the subway station, and some business information can also be published. The station is a place where people flow. With the increase of people's outdoor activities, businesses have consistently shifted their advertisements from indoor to outdoor, so Xunbao's outdoor advertising machine plays a very important role in this, first of all, he is one of the top ten brands in the outdoor advertising machine industry. Secondly, he has unique temperature control technology, which will not cause quality problems in the outdoor advertising machine. Summary: In the future, outdoor advertising will likely seize the main market of the advertising industry. According to the analysis in recent years, the frequency of people's outdoor activities is increasing. There are usually two situations in the indoor situation: one is to go to work, the second is rest, so under the trend of this kind of activity, the advertising industry will re-examine the outdoor role, and the advertising machine will become the object that merchants begin to pay attention, the future will probably be a brand war in the digital signage industry! Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise. Its products mainly include: intelligent touch Android all-in-one machine, intelligent touch POS machine, touch Windows intelligent terminal, face recognition visitor, industrial network equipment and commercial display equipment, Android industrial control all-in-one machine, industrial control touch display, etc. Products are widely used in multimedia advertising media, smart catering, smart retail, smart payment, smart community, smart home, smart access control, transportation, finance, electricity, medicine, tourism, hotels, smart manufacturing, etc. all walks of life, products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America; In-depth cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises to provide professional intelligent hardware customization services. We have long-term experience in providing professional OEM/ODM/EMS services to well-known brands at home and abroad, and our research and development, quality and production capacity have been well received by our customers. The company has a strong research and development team with more than 60 engineers in software and hardware, and has strong ability to customize and develop software, hardware and appearance structures. In 2017, the company's research and development team contributed 9 innovative invention patents. On the basis of Android touch all-in-one machine, it integrates dual-screen display, different display, different display and different touch, built-in printer, bar code/two-dimensional code scanning, face recognition, two-dimensional code collection, Cash Box, second-generation ID card reading and fingerprint key technologies such as collection, fingerprint identification, electromagnetic original handwriting signature, multi-camera, high-speed camera, card reader, Banknote counter, etc, and there is a mature batch shipping scheme, which can meet the hardware and software requirements of most intelligent devices on the market.
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