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What's the small supermarket cashier system for?

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-08
The development of the small supermarket cashier system is in full swing, the supermarket of large and complex data, combine the membership system to the cashier system, in order to adapt to market competition, coupled with efficient handling and management methods, to accelerate the process of informatization of supermarket and promote consumers purchase a membership. 1, help members of the small supermarket management first, and become a member by the client, access to customer data, will be able to run card, according to see every customer as a member, the proportion of the increase in new customers. Second, access to customer information and data once the supermarket after what activity can be directly send text messages to promotion propaganda, grasp the existing membership is very beneficial. Finally, you can according to the old customer purchases view product sales, so that the sales good products on ready to fully stocked. 2, help the supermarket enters sells saves the management comparison pay attention to the function of enters sells saves the supermarket management. Because the inventory clear comb to the front desk is very important. First cannot lack of inventory, customers want to buy something must be cannot appear out of stock. Pure manual bookkeeping will cause inventory without also don't know. So inventory management is very important. At the time of purchase to select suppliers, how much can be recorded in the suppliers into the goods, the purchase time, replenish onr's stock price, and so on. These records is advantageous to the commodity sale price adjustment. Inventory list is very important, through the query can know the inventory every day, is a reminder that which products need to replenish onr's stock, set up early warning, inventory restocking in a timely manner. 3, help small supermarket customer consumption management supermarket goods are FMCG and daily necessities. Customer consumption after the first time, there must be a second consumption. First can launch prepaid phone CARDS, prepaid phone the customer will be continued after consumption, and can cultivate customer spending habits. May from time to time held some activities, such as how many what, filled with many such reduction. Snacks such as long as there is activity, there will always be people who'll piles to snap up. Can also be held bundled consumption, in the form of meals collocation to attract consumers' desire to consume.
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