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What should be paid attention to when purchasing ptksai commercial POS cash register?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-19
Advertising can be said to be everywhere in our daily life. In the face of a large number of POS machine advertisements, how should enterprise merchants correctly choose POS cash registers? To choose a POS cash register that suits you, you need to consider the following points. *, Consider the demand, structural enterprises should consider their own actual situation when purchasing POS cash registers. If you open a supermarket or supermarket, you should use a flexible split POS cash register or a modular POS cash register. If you are opening a store or convenience store, you should use a simple all-in-one machine. If you are opening a department store or shopping center, you can choose according to the space. Split POS cash registers for supermarkets modular POS cash registers for supermarkets also need to be selected according to the system platform of the front-end software running. If the foreground software runs on DOS platform, the requirements for CPU, memory and hard disk of cash register are relatively low. If the foreground software runs on windowsXP, windows 7 and other platforms, the CPU main frequency * exceeds 500 MHZ, the external frequency is not less than 100 MHZ, and the memory is greater than 64 M. Otherwise, the high cost configuration may be too high to increase the useless cost, or the configuration may be too low to ensure the normal operation of the front desk software. At the same time, the power consumption of CPU should be considered. The power consumption of ordinary CPU should exceed 30 watts, while that of low power CPU should be less than 10 watts. CPU is an important heat source in cash register. If the temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the cash register may crash. Therefore, a low-power CPU should be selected. Second, the performance and quality of the product itself are important indicators of POS cash registers. The performance indicators that purchasing enterprises should pay attention to are: the external bus and external interface capability of the motherboard, the main frequency and power consumption of the CPU, the power consumption of the whole machine and the heat dissipation design. At present, there are many kinds of main boards for POS cash registers. The external bus bandwidth is 33 MHZ, 66 MHZ, 100 MHZ, 133 MHZ, etc. The higher the external bus bandwidth, the faster the cash register runs. At present, most of the main boards of cash registers have more than 4 serial ports, one or two parallel ports, Cash Box ports, Ethernet ports, keyboard ports, mouse ports, USB ports, etc. As the needs of commercial enterprises often change and the functions of cash registers often need to be expanded, products with many external interfaces should be selected. When considering the product structure, the main frequency and power consumption of the CPU are already involved. If it is not the need of special services, a low-power CPU is good. The operation of the cash register * is important for stability. If it crashes, it will cause customers to wait in a long queue for a long time. Therefore, try to choose products with low power consumption of the whole machine and eliminate the occurrence of crash as much as possible. Another reason for paying attention to the power consumption of the cash register is that the use environment of the cash register is relatively poor and the ventilation is poor. Therefore, the heat dissipation design of the whole machine should be considered at the same time, especially in the high temperature area in the South. Third, the assessment price, cost the cost of the product usually includes the purchase cost and the use cost. At present, the international brand cash registers in the domestic market mainly include IBM, NCR, Fujitsu, etc; There are also domestic brands such as yijietong, Sanda, Hisense, etc. , as well as Taiwan brand partners, Feiyi, Baocai and so on. The price of POS machines of foreign brands is definitely not superior to that of domestic brands, but the quality may be better than that of domestic brands, but the gap will not be too big. I don't think it is necessary for domestic small and medium-sized merchants to buy international brand POS machines. It is good to choose domestic POS machines with high cost performance. Domestic POS machines, most of the mainboards use high-reliability POS special mainboards, and the products have high reliability and are trustworthy. If the machine is used for a period of time, the machine will be damaged and need to be repaired. Maintenance costs must be considered before purchasing POS cash registers, so you * purchase from a regular company so as to ensure good after-sales service. Why is the display screen darker and darker? The display of VFD customer display screen depends on the inert gas filled in the glass screen, and the inert gas will gradually become ineffective after being used for a long time, so the brightness of VFD display content will become darker, which is a normal phenomenon. However, if it is darkened after a few months of use, this means that the glass screen has a gas leak and only needs to be returned to the factory for replacement. Why is the keyboard definition missing? In most cases, it is caused by electrostatic interference. This problem exists in most programmable keyboards in the world today. Although the keyboard has an Electrostatic protection function, if the machine is not grounded, the problem may still occur. Therefore, it is recommended that the user save the keyboard content as a file when defining the keyboard keys for recovery the next time the keyboard data is lost.
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