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When 'brush face payment' and 5g meet, the next

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-28
(reporter Zou Yiping) it's said that we live in the era of looking at faces. People with high values can eat by their faces. Now this is not a metaphor, but the era of eating by their faces is really coming. According to the special research report on social value of China's face painting payment technology in 2019 released by AI media consulting, 61 million users of China's face painting payment technology in 2018. In 2019, the number of users of brush face payment is expected to increase by 94.0% to 118 million. The high-speed growth will continue, and the scale is expected to exceed 760 million in 2022. Behind the emergence of brush face payment is the result of the combination of new artificial intelligence technologies such as domestic face recognition function and complete hardware foundation, communication foundation and data foundation. With the large-scale commercial use of 5G this year, 5G is bound to provide more application possibilities for it, so that the collaborative innovation between face payment and different platforms, enterprises and scenarios will be more complete. It can be predicted that when face painting payment is put into more application scenarios, it is only a matter of time before it is realized. 01 & ldquo; one glance & rdquo; can pay. Brush your face to pay has become a hot topic. High speed rail, bike sharing, code scanning payment and online shopping are the four new inventions of China in the world. How to become the four new inventions? Convenience is the key factor. However, the popularity of face painting payment in 2019 and its evolution into a new outlet are still due to convenience. Compared with the more popular payment method, the convenience of face painting is obviously higher. Without entering a password or even carrying a mobile phone, & ldquo; glance & rdquo; payment greatly improves the efficiency and security of payment. This super simple payment method meets the simple requirements of modern consumers. Alipay has shared a set of data. 7-11 convenience stores had access to brush face payment, and 1 months on the line, the proportion of users was more than the 6 months before the scan code was paid online. Therefore, once the brush face is launched, the enthusiasm of consumers fundamentally promotes the popularity of brush face payment. In addition to being convenient for consumers, brush face payment can reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve operation efficiency and store service for businesses. For example, when checking out at the cash register, it takes 56 seconds for 10 commodity users to complete the payment, while only 10 seconds for users to complete the payment. At the same time, after the introduction of artificial intelligence face brushing equipment, a face brushing machine is equivalent to 1.5 cash registers, equivalent to 3 cash registers per day. To a great extent, face painting payment saves the human cost of businesses. AI media consulting data shows that the application of brush face payment helps businesses improve their operational efficiency. 94.4% and 89.6% of the surveyed businesses said that after the access of brush face payment products, the customer queuing efficiency and customer praise of their shops have improved. It can be said that for businesses and consumers, face painting payment is a win-win situation. So in the past 2019, face brushing payment has gradually become a new force in mobile payment industry, and it has landed in relevant scenes at a visible speed, such as eating, shopping, certification, driving, medical treatment and so on. Face brushing payment enables intelligent life and brings people a real sense of convenience and technology. 02 brush face payment & the 'Three Kingdoms' competition promotes popularization. If the development of new technology and its own convenience are the reasons for the rapid rise of brush face payment in 2019, the enthusiasm of each payment platform will directly promote the arrival of the first year of brush face payment. Since 2019: in January, the first brush payment commercial street in Wenzhou was unveiled in January. In March, WeChat paid the launch of the new brush payment equipment “ frog ” April, Alipay released “ Dragonfly 2 generation ” and announced that it promoted the popularity of brush face payment and invested 3 billion yuan; August, WeChat paid “ frog Pro” In September, Alipay announced the abolition of 3 billion market subsidies, changed to &ldquo, and the subsidy ceiling ” in October, 60 organizations such as union business union and six major companies issued 60 brand new products: “ blue whale & rdquo;; … … From the perspective of the whole face painting payment market last year, Alibaba and Tencent, two giants, are constantly innovating their payment applications from online to offline, sweeping the whole new retail market. On the one hand, whether it is Alipay &ldquo, dragonfly &rdquo, or WeChat pay “ frog ” both of them intentionally reduce the threshold of use, open up the market to promote the brushing face payment equipment to the market, do not need too complicated process; on the other hand, in &ldquo, pay ” At the core level, both sides have entered the subsidy war again. As long as users pay to merchants through face swiping payment equipment, merchants can get corresponding rebate, which means diversion is very obvious. &'Dragonfly' flies and 'frog' rushes. In 2019, two major brands of brush face payment equipment will be built. Under the market, brush face payment will continue to sink and be commercialized on a large scale. At the end of October, UnionPay's entry into the market ushered in new changes, and the tuyere continued to intensify. UnionPay 'blue whale' has sprung out of the water, and the wind direction of the brush face payment market has also formed the 'olive type' payment industry ecology from the upstream Ali, Tencent, UnionPay and brush face payment equipment manufacturers, to the midstream service providers and agents, and finally to the downstream retail stores and businesses. In the large brush face payment industry, various market layouts continue. 035g business gives brush face payment an opportunity to break out. If 2019 is the year when brush face payment starts, 2020 will be the year when brush face payment will break out. First, 5g Technology
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