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Where is Shenzhen selling smart pos cash register brand, can it be customized?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-24
The popularity of online shopping has brought a heavy blow to physical stores, intelligently serving various merchants in various industries and helping physical stores to open up online and offline channel closure links. A pos cash register is the key to the breakthrough of physical stores. The intelligent and unique POS cash register system brings a real solution to the operation of physical stores. Where is the pos cash register brand in Shenzhen, can it be customized? The company has three manufacturing bases in Shenzhen Longhua, Shenzhen Shajing and Dongguan Daling Mountain, covering an area of 21500 m² square meters. It has its own high-speed Mounter, injection molding machine, mold workshop and dust-free automatic production line. The annual production capacity of PCBA board is 2. 3 million pieces, the annual output of the intelligent terminal is 1. 1 million units. At present, the company has passed the certification of quality assurance system ISO9001 and environmental certification system ISO14001, and its products have passed CE, FCC, CCC, U/L, EUP, Rohs, Reach and other certifications. Not long ago, the circulation Blue Book: China's Business Development Report (2016 to 2017) 'Pointed out that in the next five years, 1/3 of China's commodity trading market will be eliminated, 1/3 will be transformed into an experiential shopping center with wholesale and retail, and 1/3 will successfully connect online and offline. If you want to become the 1/3 of *, the physical store must change its business model. The old thinking of selling goods is no longer in line with the development needs. Under the Internet environment, there is no single commodity, only quality service. Where there is a pos cash register online shopping in Shenzhen * The disadvantage is the lack of service links, so the service is the advantage of the physical store, in the United States, Japan's physical stores did not decline because they refined their services and made the advantages of physical businesses. What the intelligent POS cash register does for the merchants is the refinement of the service. Although the cash register is only a basic link, we also strive to be perfect and do a good job in the consumer experience. The follow-up service is the key. The system will process the user's consumption data and formulate a targeted marketing plan. Analyze the consumption data of each consumer and push the demand correspondingly to truly provide considerate service. The application of Shenzhen pos cash register brand bar code technology in commodity circulation management has obviously become a more extensive field of bar code application in China. Therefore, all aspects attach great importance to the application of bar code technology in this field. There is no doubt about the full promotion of the application of bar code technology in commodity circulation management. At present, bar code technology is a * management method for managing commodity circulation in the world. In order to bring our business into line with international standards, we must vigorously promote and popularize the application of bar code technology in commodity circulation management. Shenzhen pos cash register brand 1. Prerequisites for bar code application commercial automation is a good foundation for bar code technology application. No matter in which field bar code technology is used, computer management must be realized first, and then the application of bar code technology can be discussed. The use of bar code technology in commodity circulation management is no exception, it is the first thing to realize computer management in shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, specialty stores, retail stores, etc. This has laid a good foundation for bar code management and created favorable conditions. The realization of bar code management in shopping malls that have realized computer management is only one step away, but it can achieve unexpected results. Where there is a shopping mall in Shenzhen that sells pos cash registers and has already realized computer management, including supermarkets and chain stores, it is necessary to manage single items in order to realize bar code management. For each commodity, according to its attributes and characteristics, according to certain rules, background codes must be compiled, which is the basic work necessary for computer management. In the background code, it usually includes commodity categories, middle categories, small categories, suppliers, Cabinet groups, materials, sizes, colors, brands, etc, rely on the computer to carry out statistics and analysis according to the background code. As long as the front desk code for sales and inventory is replaced by bar code, bar code management can be realized by using bar code reading equipment. It must be pointed out that the foreground code and the background code cannot be confused. The background code is usually as long as 20 characters or more, so it cannot be used as a foreground opcode. On the contrary, the foreground opcode cannot be too long, usually no more than 13 digits, which is not enough to fully represent the attributes and characteristics of the product. Shenzhen pos cash register brand intelligent POS cash register is based on big data analysis to customize the marketing plan, so that the service of the physical store can be further improved. Where can I sell pos cash registers in Shenzhen?
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