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Which companies are doing face recognition?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-11
For units and organs: the level of access management services has been greatly improved; Standardized, standardized and specialized registration of visits has greatly improved the image of the government; It is convenient to provide accurate basis for handling security incidents of organs; For managers: to solve the long-standing problems of staff turnover and uneven service level; It is easy to realize digital and accurate management by dynamically controlling the entry and exit of guests without stepping forward; New management methods reduce security vulnerabilities and optimize work deployment to better serve the unit; Original registration data instant visitor traffic query, Statistics, and convenience to assist decision-making; Easily deal with the safety work inspection of superior leaders and create good work performance; For the guests: feel respected, do not have to accept the inquiry every time; Happy mood, short registration time, beautiful visitor list and considerate service; For security: Information Registration improves security personal skills, professional quality and work image; The new security work is familiar with fast, greatly enhancing the work self-confidence; Automatic Reference of historical registration data, shortening registration time and reducing work pressure; The historical registration data are automatically displayed, eliminating repeated inquiries and reducing the difficulty of work; First, the identity reading function, face recognition technology, through the product's built-in ID card reader, ID card reader, etc. to read the ID card, passport, driver's license and other valid documents information, and the read information is automatically stored in the system. Second, the registration capture function, when the visitor registers, the camera built into the visitor manufacturer can be captured and saved to the system, in the event of an emergency, the logistics personnel can quickly identify the visitor's appearance. Face Recognition System 3. Two-dimensional code photographing, archiving, recognition and sign-off functions; 4. Massive data storage function, which can store a large amount of registered data information into the visitor system, and can be backed up at any time to avoid data loss, with absolute reliability. Five, data statistics and retrieval, enterprises can set up the visitor inquiry function according to their own needs, to facilitate the statistics and retrieval of visitor information by enterprises. 6. The automatic telephone dial-up visitor manufacturer connects the guard of the visitor system or the front desk telephone to the corporate telephone network, and can directly find and dial the respondent's landline in the visitor, which is convenient for verifying the respondent information. Seven, the network sharing function, in the management of multiple Visitor management Studios, can be shared through the network, real-time query, statistics or print visitor information, convenient management. Eight, two-dimensional code visitor list printing function, in addition to the two-dimensional code Photo function, enterprises can also design their own characteristics of the two-dimensional code visitor list, used to issue visitor cards, show the corporate image. Nine, VIP management, important customers or frequent visitors of the enterprise, the visitor manufacturer also provides the VIP list system, which can avoid the process of verifying the identity information of VIP visitors by issuing VIP cards. X. Visitor card access control function, enterprises will inevitably encounter some uninvited guests, you can register or cancel the visitor card of this part of the visitor, and carry out access control restrictions. 11. Strong screen notification function. For visitors who are not welcome by the enterprise, they can also be set as non-visitors. The system will restrict their access by accepting the information of non-visitors. 12. Seamless connection with the public security bureau network. Enterprises can seamlessly connect with the public security bureau network according to their needs, and access visitor information to the public security private network. The system can automatically identify visitor letters with criminal records or criminal records.
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