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Why do you say to brush the face is to pay for the future?

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-05
1, the iterative technology development is never stops, and reviews the evolution of the payments, from barter to money to mobile payment, it is not difficult to find the trend of more and more convenient, and compared with code to pay, pay using facial brush face itself do proof, not only kill the phone the intermediate medium, also greatly improve the efficiency of payment, under the condition of current technology, can be thought of as the ultimate form of payment. 2, brush face to pay the value of real value is not only the efficiency of ascension, as a solution, docking member system, can help businesses to achieve accurate customer marketing, the interactive screen also can be used as an advertising and marketing. In a guest difficult at present, the businessman undoubtedly has great practical value. 3, speed up the ground under the huge subsidies of the giant, pay is accelerating to replace qr code brush face reality, pay attention, you will find around now, super, bus, subway or even brush face pay hospital have been started to access, and generally has a high reputation, users in many places is not new.
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