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Why is the ptksai visitor so hot?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-25
The visitor's visitor is a term that is close to the fire. It has appeared frequently on major media platforms. Important places such as passenger stations, customs, inspection and quarantine have launched the visitor's visitor. Not only that, the public security bureau, the social security system, the industrial and commercial registration and other business systems have also vigorously promoted the verification system of the integration of human and evidence. The integration of human and evidence has entered the public's vision for a while, and has drawn some blueprints for the future smart city. The basic composition of the witness-in-one visitor plane: Compared with ordinary visitor planes, the witness-in-one visitor plane has high reliability, safety and usability, and is a sharp weapon to increase security attributes in important places. At present, in hotels, schools, safe communities, factories and other occasions, the integration of people and certificates is becoming more and more popular. Increasing the security level through technical means has not only achieved good results, at the same time, it also conforms to the general trend of building an intelligent society. Since the mention of the combination of witnesses, we have to mention its specific principles. In a nutshell, the combination of human and witness must first identify the ID card information or electronic passport information, extract the face avatar on the ID card, and then collect the face picture or video stream through the front-end camera, compare the Face collected by the camera with the head portrait on the certificate to determine whether the witness card is consistent, that is, whether it is a person. At the same time, the combination of human and witness integrates the functions of on-site Face Collection, identity verification, blacklist warning, white list unlicensed automatic identification, etc. The process of passing through the gate does not require manual intervention, and is completed in one go, provide a safe and efficient pedestrian access experience. The combination of people and certificates can realize the inspection mode of one person, one certificate, one ticket and one card, which can not only guarantee the purchase of tickets with real names, but also ensure the entry of real names and improve the efficiency of ticket checking and customs clearance, the filtering function of the combination of witness and witness plays an important role in assisting inspectors in security check. The combination of human and witness is mainly used in some security key control scenarios. Its application solves the problem of excessive fatigue of security personnel for a long time, and also solves the problem of false and false forged personal documents, fundamentally remove the dead spots and blind spots of security check. Domestic personnel hold a second-generation card and use the company's passport reader to read the text information of the second-generation card chip and personal head portrait; And the e-passport reader can collect personal avatars on the spot, so as to compare the two pictures and check whether it is a second-generation certificate held by me; If the verification is passed, the customs clearance can be released; Otherwise, it is regarded as the object of suspicion; Foreign personnel can hold passports, or return home cards, Taiwanese certificates and other certificates, use e-passport readers to read the electronic chip information of passports or return home cards and Taiwanese certificates, and extract personal head portrait and fingerprint information in the chips; In addition, the e-passport reader can collect personal head portrait and fingerprint information on the spot, so as to compare two portraits and fingerprints and verify whether I hold my own certificate;
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