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Why should Android touch industrial All-in-one machine choose industrial screen?

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-02
Why should Android touch industrial All-in-one machine choose industrial screen? Android touch industrial All-in-one applications are mostly commercial and need to be turned on for a long time, so the industrial screen is * suitable for installing multimedia touch all-in-one. At present, the LCD screen on the market is divided into soft screen and industrial screen. What is the difference between them? The soft screen is called the home-level soft screen. If you use your finger to cross the screen or touch the screen, there will be ripples and continuous feeling. The high definition is only reflected in the static situation, and the visual angle is only 170 degrees, the overall pigment is relatively poor, the color tone is reddish, the image and video display will be unstable, with ghosting and dragging, and the response speed can only reach 8 MS. Therefore, the technology is relatively poor, and the service life is relatively short, low production cost is suitable for home TV use. For less business. Android touch industrial All-in-one industrial screen features a horizontally arranged liquid crystal molecular structure. When subjected to external pressure, the molecular recovery speed of the hard screen is very fast, and when touched, it can basically remain the same. Android touch industrial All-in-one machine can clearly be as high-definition in dynamic and static situations, with the same full HD screen, and the industrial screen is 25% times higher than the soft screen, at the same time, the left, right, upper and lower visual angles reach 178 degrees of visual angles, which have significant advantages in dynamic definition, accurate color restoration, visual angles, etc. Compared with the traditional soft screen liquid crystal, the industrial screen has a stable liquid crystal molecular arrangement structure and a faster response speed, reaching 4 MS. Therefore, it has super expressive force in dynamic definition, completely eliminating the blur and water pattern diffusion phenomenon when the soft screen LCD screen is subjected to external pressure and shaking, when playing the speed screen, the ghosting and tailing are eliminated. When each consumer purchases the touch all-in-one machine, some have known it, and some have not understood it, however, they do not know exactly what kind of LCD screen is used in it, which kind of LCD screen is clearer and higher, with more stable performance and longer service life. Android touch industrial All-in-one machine Shenzhen ptksai Android touch industrial All-in-one machine appearance choice: 1. The surface of the display screen is treated by aluminum wire drawing oxidation, the touch screen is toughened by G, the protection grade is IP65, and dust-proof and waterproof shower 2 is required. The back requires IP54, except for the functional interface piece, using sheet metal 3. The default model is all sprayed with black sand. Neutral quotation, Kraft paper single package, Pearl cotton filling for packaging protection, the surface of the packaging box is marked with product model and specification information, and desiccant 5 is added to PE bag. The 5-piece one-card box meets the drop test and transportation vibration test, so that the Android touch industrial All-in-one machine is applied to the upper computer or display on each industrial control device. Android touch industrial All-in-one Shenzhen ptksai Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a fast-growing high-tech technology enterprise. Its products mainly include: intelligent touch Android all-in-one machine, intelligent touch POS machine, touch Windows intelligent terminal, face recognition visitor, industrial network equipment and commercial display equipment, Android industrial control all-in-one machine, industrial control touch display, etc. Products are widely used in multimedia advertising media, smart catering, smart retail, smart payment, smart community, smart home, smart access control, transportation, finance, electricity, tourism, hotels, smart manufacturing and other industries, products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions in Asia, Europe and America; In-depth cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises to provide professional intelligent hardware customization services. We have long-term experience in providing professional OEM/ODM/EMS services to well-known brands at home and abroad, and our research and development, quality and production capacity have been well received by our customers.
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