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Wisdom canteen 丨 full treasure face recognition solution

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-13
With the fusion + Internet and traditional industries, as well as the big data, with the rapid development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, wisdom, canteen concept already thorough popular feeling, wisdom canteen system is becoming more and more widely used. Cash for dining room scene user change and carry the meal card a lot of inconvenience, credit card failure, queuing top-up problems always affects the dining experience. Traditional canteen management mode have been frequent abuses, brush face dining canteen standard is wisdom. Public resources trading center in hebei province, is the province's public resources trading open, interactive and dynamic aggregation, information sharing, integration platform, is the forefront of hebei informationization. Recently, in order to improve the efficiency and service quality of repast, in hebei province public resources trading center staff canteen, application of full treasure wisdom buffet canteen system face recognition solution implementation staff brush face repast, dining room got another promotion information level. Full treasure face recognition solution by diners at the time of payment, camera of face of intelligent acquisition, can be easily extracted face facial features, realize the condition of static and dynamic features of human face different point of view of millisecond, so as to achieve the purpose of real-time automatic identification, high safety and convenience. Full treasure face recognition solutions advantage: (1) face recognition accuracy is as high as 99. Only one over one million of 9%, the rate of course. (2) the financial level precision algorithm, fast speed, high safety. (3) face visual identification, non-inductive design, no contact, have deep learning function, can strengthen algorithm improve identification precision. (4) with 3 d live detection function, intelligent judgment of biological characteristics of 50000 face database precipitation, carrying capacity is strong. As, traditional canteen informationization upgrade is imminent, full wisdom treasure food system arises at the historic moment. After 8 years deep, full wisdom treasure canteen iteration itself and continue to lead the group meal intelligent upgrade. Tell from the dining room management, full wisdom treasure the canteen system can not only improve the work efficiency, but also for the dining room to save resources, optimize the management, also facilitate employee repast, facilitate communication between the user and the canteen, canteen operations was optimized as a whole. The relevant person in charge of canteen said: & other; Brush a face, need not pay phone, don't have to take the meal card, through the face can realize real-time settlement, identify accurate, fast, belong to the real non-inductive payment method, reduce the error rate of the service personnel manual input prices, improved the efficiency of repast personnel repast, upgrade the image of the canteen, is fully staffed! ”
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