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Wisdom dining room to stand out, growth important strength for the Chinese restaurant!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
As the food and beverage market competition is intense, group meals areas with bright look beyond food industry average growth performance and huge volume, wins the favor of the capital world, bringing in the new development opportunity. Group meal industry stand out, grow into Chinese restaurant growth power. With the development of science and technology, group meals enterprise has been in the scene, security, supply chain, information, etc, has the obvious improvement. We know group meal consumption scenarios is the enterprises and institutions, schools, hospitals, military dining room is given priority to, with the progress of the society, group meals already not the pot's image in the traditional impression, its relatively rapid growth trend, for a lot of speed of capital inflow, has given rise to a lot of big MAC type enterprises, nearly 15% of compound rate of growth in recent years. Group meals in the dining room upgrade, wisdom logistics distribution ability of systemization and standardization of production base. At the same time, along with the reform and opening up thoughts gradually sinking, Internet information technology constantly breakthroughs, party and government organs canteen showed a trend of social development, the group meal industry is expected to grow steadily. In the industry technology innovation and upgrade the user demand is driven by two-way group meal industry industrial upgrading needs strong. Although the before meal market presents the barbarian growth, but also has a lot of hidden trouble. If the concentration is not high, imbalance of regional development, inadequate supply high quality products, product standardization and informatization level to improve the aspects of problems. Is also faced with large scale and professional advantages highlighted, purchasing and human cost is high, the food safety risk is high, the rough management aspects of pain points. Relatively continuous high-speed growth, transformation and upgrading of group meal is around the corner at just need. Updating the external environment and internal demand, prompting group meal upgrade in the direction of marketization, branding, etc. Group meal industry must supply side by deepening structural reform, through the supply chain coordination and integration, promote the industry service quality guarantee. Can raise industry service quality from the following aspects: one is to promote the wisdom dining room construction. Digital, intelligent, wisdom is the canteen industry important driving power in the future. To take the lead in using big data, and the combination of cloud services, a full wisdom canteen system actively introduced the intelligent terminal equipment, comprehensive group meal management informatization level of ascension. 2 it is to build green dining room. According to the national policy to develop green dining room standard, create green canteen, strengthen the green purchasing as well as strengthen the processing link, dining environment, green consumption and other aspects of the green management. 3 it is advancing the upstream and downstream of supply chain management. Constructs food supply chain management, which is beneficial to industry head enterprise cooperation, strengthen the production and supply and application of synergy, to ensure the quality of food raw material supply, supply stability, reliability and traceability. Four is continuing reform and opening up and accelerate the convergence of the formats, the fusion of different formats and collaborative development. Break through the traditional dining room closed forms, internal administration reform and opening to the outside world, is beneficial to accelerate formats fusion, the coordinated development of fusion of different forms. For example: by full treasure canteen dining room system through the dining room and the boundaries of the supermarket, unified member management, is conducive to inspire users internal demand, convenient repast and communication, is helpful to build integrated information management platform. With the rapid development of the mass of food industry, has introduced a series of group meal management national policy, from food safety, nutrition, health, supply chain and information technology, etc. , drive group meal to high quality, high reliability and the developing direction of change. Believe in 2020, the group meal industry will usher in a new consumption, new marketing and new technology, new mode to fully mix of new era.
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