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Wisdom farmers market management system, farmers market better

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
Compared with developed countries, our country agricultural production and circulation subject in farmers and mainly engaged in agricultural products wholesale and retail of soho. In it, through the national agricultural products wholesale market of agricultural products proportion is as high as 70% above, and continues to rise. According to relevant data statistics, China's overall level of wholesale vegetable market sales of about 5 trillion, 2 - fruit About 3 trillion; The national level wholesale market in about 200 or so, a total of 7 - About 80000 businesses. A number of market business in the key nodes in the fruit and vegetable supply chain circulation belongs to is scarce resources, each firm sales of nearly 100 million a year, but 40% of them - 80% are credit, payment days on average to 0. 5 - A month, credit based entirely on offline trust relationship, no any legal protection, the average firm handwritten credit documents lost around $300000 each year. In addition, the archives mouths staff it takes 2 - every day Three hours of reconciliation. Pain points for more farmers market, we in the farmer's market sales reconciliation, vegetables orders, credit management, the owner management, financial management and inventory management requirements in terms of depth design, for the farmers market provides a wisdom farmers market management system solutions to help farmers market in the future become more beautiful! 1, through the system, keep the cell phone to help you sell reconciliation for buy goods every day, a large number of owners and buyers to replenish onr's stock, staff dispersion regions, statistics need each record, artificial processing, time consuming, can quickly order through on the phone, a key to complete the information collection. Headquarters can real-time statistics, statistical reports, automatically all the bills sent to be clear at a glance. 2, online order for owner's buyers come more easily to the traditional manual sheet, sometimes more, to write the book, write off the bill every time check with for a long time, low efficiency and easy wrong single leakage problems, directly with the intelligent way a key order, cargo management of information, automatic settlement amount, a few seconds to complete effective billing and accounting management. 3, make credit management is no longer difficult to farmers market merchants every day a lot of water in and out of the account, regular credit, one thousand single, single leakage fault, disastrous, automatically by the financial data calculation, the bill on time delivery, support a variety of business online payment methods. 4, the owner management more simple goods, buyers information & other; Is not complete, not new, no & throughout; , who is not convenient, information such as sales people add goods, the buyer, but a departure, the resources all away, and how to solve this kind of circumstance? Through building the wisdom agriculture batch management system, online management of customer information, risk, marketing closed loop. 5 bill, financial management is more clear clutter is diversiform, registration is rather time consuming, easy to any errors, repeat, etc. Series of problems, each bill on behalf of the cash flow, resulting in unnecessary losses. Through building the farmers intelligence management system management system, then check the bill, such as credit information. To implement digital financial, let the business be clear at a glance. 6, inventory management more standardized, the owner to the goods, need to manually account, through artificial accounting to query each gains, time-consuming. Built the wisdom agriculture in batch management, batch management system by clicking on a key input information goods, buy goods automatic settlement, easily query between us.
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