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Wisdom food | improve restaurant turn over rate of secret right here

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
No matter what kind of restaurant, not open around the topic in business & ndash; — Rate of turn table. High rate, means that can in the limited space and limited business hours, let the seat turnover, improve revenue doubled and re-doubled will also improve. Therefore, for the restaurant, turn over rate is particularly important. Want to increase the rate of turn table, in addition to the seat design and improve the food frequency, a more effective way is to enable the second brush sweep pay code self-help order system, persons involved worksite single mode to the paperless self-help order change. The advantage of self-help order ( 1) Reduce customer wait time, increase the rate of turn table after customers into the store, can sweep through mobile self-service code, in order, invoicing and call the waiter operation; When you meet the full need allelic attendant can show me the menu yards ahead to customers, customers can order ahead of time, during the allelic both reduced the waiting time for a meal, but also brought more for restaurant dining experience. ( 2) Save labor costs, material costs lower menu for restaurant operators, and yards of self-help order model not only can promote the waiter look at the Numbers, the lower menu material costs, at the same time also can reduce the complexity of cashier order, saving the stores operating costs, improve operational efficiency. Seconds to pay order system function introduction (wisdom 1) Sweep code order ordering system, fast and convenient access to the intelligence only a qr code table to stick to replace traditional restaurants waiters and menu, customer orders, such as the single cumbersome process. Consumer order operation can be carried out when scanning the qr code on the table, and high stability, the meal peak, also can effectively avoid the wrong single risk. ( 2) Order information accurate synchronization completed orders submitted after consumers choose good food, after hutch synchronous print items detail, you can wait for serving. This whole process can save at least 10 minutes of dining time, turn over rate also rose. Waiter directly out of stock one click menu in the background, timely and efficient. ( 3) Seamless docking business data, perfect check for restaurant operators can be anytime and anywhere through the background management understand the operating data, order detail, a key for phone support, let the store management is no longer a problem. And, by orders, but also analyze each big food preference of consumers, which is a popular web celebrity food, what food selection rate is low, so as to optimize the menu, use data to help businesses achieve revenue growth. Tip: in the scenario, the food consumption order is indispensable link, the current has been more and more restaurant with the tools of self-help order to realize the intelligent transformation. And self-help order is just the tip of the iceberg of the wisdom of catering, after the order be settling customer entry, how to continue to build a deeper connection with them, make them become fans, members, repeat, and superimposed on the action of cashier, more service value, these are worth thinking about.
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