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Wisdom of wenzhou vocational &technical college dining room upgrade, sweep yards dining praise like tide!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-08
Now canteen has moved away from the traditional slash-and-burn era brush face repast, sweep the yard pay, long-range order, nutrition remind & hellip; … Set pampered & amp; Level of appearance and talent! Wisdom of wenzhou vocational &technical college dining room she came she came to the wisdom of wenzhou vocational and technical college dining room, 12000 students and teachers are using dining artifact, let 120 canteen stall at high speed! It is worthy of the name of the canteen management black technology & other; ZhiYun food throughout the canteen system & wisdom; Pain points: human settlement in the canteen error-prone, eating with id card, meal card is easy to lost card trouble spending again, repast increases the difficulty for the students. Solution: use ZhiYun canteen meals wisdom terminals, students use mobile phone code to pay, free meal card, scan code simple and efficient! Pain points: low efficiency of manual accounting, invoicing cycle is long, easy to calculate the wrong account. Solution: wisdom canteen system can real-time view orders and revenue, through a variety of statements can be perfectly present multidimensional business conditions, through the big data supporting the canteen operators decisions. Experience pain points: all equipment eat, easy to cause waste solution: through the historical data and the recent and current traffic and orders, through the big data reasonable meal don't passenger flow forecast, through the data accuracy in advance equipment eat, reduce the waste of food, make the canteen management form the good habit of thrift. Pain points: high operating cost solution: wisdom ZhiYun meal dining room management system, make the canteen data sinking, for food, nutrition, price, cycle, such as information visualization, through continuous optimization of procurement, inventory, equipment eat, make raw material procurement cost is lower. Through ZhiYun canteen meals wisdom system upgrades, canteen application ZhiYun board intelligent hardware, ERP management ( Management system, data analysis) , mobile payment ( Sweep the code to pay) , the function such as service system, constantly optimize the canteen service, improving the quality of the canteen, provides a strong support for the information-based of the canteen!
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