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Wisdom village, entrance guard 丨 quality brush face face recognition system

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-14
Face recognition entrance guard system, I believe that everybody is not strange. At present, some wisdom upgrade residential area and the company is already in use, high quality of face recognition entrance guard system not only can save the original by a password or need to carry the door card and so on series of trouble, also can prevent the password used to be replaced periodically of trouble, face recognition entrance guard can quickly brushed face of convenient traffic, travel is to our life and work places has brought many convenient. So, a high quality face recognition system advantage is mainly reflected in what respect? 1, security, design a entrance guard system, the first thing to consider is the system security, which can effectively control personnel access, and master its access to information. For IC card entrance guard system is a kind of intelligent electronic control system, can make full use of computer & other Intelligent & throughout; , at the same time, using a variety of means to control, to ensure the safety of the system is reliable. In shenzhen, when science and technology of face recognition entrance guard system is a good choice. 2, reliability can be from two aspects of hardware and software to consider face recognition entrance guard system, the reliability of hardware, in addition to the mechanical components, also consider the design of the control module and selection, because it needs to be constantly working 24 hours a day, for its high performance requirements, should be able to meet the change of temperature and humidity environment, as well as the strong ability to resist electromagnetic interference and so on. Shenzhen bo when face recognition entrance guard system is a high performance, high reliability products, face recognition using 3 d dynamic facial recognition module, deep learning algorithms, higher accuracy and recognition speed faster, support various scene mode: face recognition, witness than, IC multiple authentication methods, collocation personnel channel use.
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