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Witness comparison is the next outbreak point

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-07
Face recognition person card comparison technology system function 1, through the ID card reader, can verify the authenticity of the ID card, and can read the information and photos of the ID card. 2. The face comparison method is a 1-to-1 comparison method to verify whether the holder is correct and effective. 3. The face recognition camera is a special face recognition acquisition instrument. It has a unique face capture and positioning function to improve the accuracy of face recognition. It is embedded with an encryption chip and is bound to the visible light face recognition algorithm. 4. Provide SDK development kit to enable third-party platforms to receive face recognition results. 5. The system can record the process of each identification and verification, store it separately and present it in the form of a report as the basis for review and verification. The application of witness comparison technology can be used on mobile, PC and even equipment, just like in American blockbusters, as long as a person passes through a camera, he can verify whether he is the same person. So far, most of the applications are mobile terminals. Since the APP real name system was implemented on September 1, the security of mobile Internet is listed as an * element, so all major companies, but all financial companies involved in certificates, are in urgent need of face recognition certificate comparison technology to check whether it is real-name authentication. The application of another large number of people's card comparison technology is counted to self-service customs clearance. People's safety awareness is gradually increasing, and at the same time, in order to bring people a better experience, at present, the demand for self-help customs clearance is also large. In the near future, the technology of witness comparison will become more and more perfect and bring better experience to human beings. ID card identification is a process of identification entry and storage for future calls. The process of ID card identification is: ID card photo identification software SDK can support Android and iOS mainstream mobile operating systems, android platform provides jar packages and ios provides static libraries. A file. After the APP integrates the ID card photo identification software SDK, the user can automatically identify the ID card information by using the mobile phone and tablet computer to identify the ID card. Face recognition actually includes a series of related technologies for building a face recognition system, including face image acquisition, face location, face recognition preprocessing, identity confirmation and identity search, etc; The narrow sense of face recognition refers specifically to the technology or system that carries out identity confirmation or identity search through faces. The combination of person and card is an image name. The overall meaning is that face recognition and ID card recognition are detected by the person and card verification system, and the information on the ID card is consistent, was related industry people simplified are collectively referred to as Witness one. The combination of human and card is an image name, which means that face recognition and ID card recognition can be detected by the identity card verification system, and the information on the ID card can be determined to be consistent. It is a great unification of citizens and identity documents.
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