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Won the 2019 top 20 catering industry service providers, meal way boost food companies fine operatio English

Won the '2019' top 20 catering industry service providers, meal way boost food companies fine operation

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-17
Recently, sponsored by the hundred million euro & other; Brand evolution & middot; Organisational change & throughout; The millennium hotel in Beijing 2019 international catering innovation summit held successfully. Just in & other; World conference on Internet & throughout; Shine a meal again won the award, with & other; The channel management SaaS platform + double throughout China & business data; Received & other; Top 20 2019 catering industry service & throughout; 。 Market analysis, I think it is smart technology innovation and combining a successful example of catering industry, suggests that meal is the tao in intelligent food service segment continues to consolidate its leading position in the circuit. “ 2019' Top 20 catering industry service & throughout; List dominated by science and technology and industrial innovation service platform million euro, aimed at listed companies certainly bold innovation practice and the transformation of the brings to the industry influence. It is understood that the registration data list selection has experienced the preliminary screening, submit, data comparison and multiple links such as expert evaluation, standing in the enterprise business innovation, business growth prospects, business model, business scale, and other dimensions of evaluation, finally respectively from SaaS, POS, table, a Shared kitchen, human services, generation of operations in the areas of selection this year with outstanding creativity, and at the same time with the technical ability, service ability and high growth of 20 service providers. With the popularity of the Internet electricity, big data, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology to more vertical penetration of scene, diversified consumption upgrade and demand development, closely related to consumer daily restaurant industry is faced with business model, technology application and market demand of multiple challenges. As deloitte released 'to upgrade the consumption of food and beverage industry transformation,' according to the report, digital transformation becomes a key direction for the future development of catering enterprises. Therefore, by means of digital, networked, intelligent and the becoming an information based society development, becomes the key to traditional catering industry to obtain a new round of development opportunities. In the summit, meal co-founder wang xi invited to the data power meal enterprise refinement operation keynote speeches, share a meal, in response to the bad weather, such as public opinion analysis of successful cases in the field of operations management, its share its launch of the catering industry enterprise solutions, obtain the agreement of the guests. Meal dining double China, namely the middle channel management SaaS platform and business data, can provide middle layer, adapter at the front desk and the background of match problem, precipitation, get through and connect the foreground demand and backend resources, help desk to accelerate innovation to cope with rapidly changing at the same time, promote the change cycle relatively slow background is more stable and reliable. Restaurant at the same time, through the front end, take-away flow platform, internal ERP system data format conversion and warehousing logistics business middleware, make the whole business management data interaction standard API, rapid convergence of various business software system, through information barriers, realize the coordinated operation of various departments efficiently, to get the data, it is concluded that fine user portrait, dishes prediction, reasonable scope of business circle, such as data, precision marketing, personalization, auxiliary intelligent decision, building and other catering business; Business throughout central bridge &; 。 Wang xi said: & other; Meals in the past time, has been more than 350 cities, for more than 450 brands of more than 35000 stores provides integrated digital catering service, we also hope that in the next time, through so many years of experience and innovative attitude, together with all the catering partners together in the future to explore digital, Internet and the development process of the whole channel. ” In this activity, hundred million euro for meal list selected companies such as gave high evaluation: it is the industry innovator's bold practice, leading the industry change, looking forward to the future to have more innovators. As the big data, Internet of things, and the development of artificial intelligence, wisdom, food is no longer an empty concept, but the reality of a is true, but now eat the whole channel management SaaS platform + double China has greatly promoted the wisdom of catering business data fall to the ground. As connector of food and beverage retail industry, eat, also very want to be able to bring food and beverage industry to change at the same time, the rapid development of power industry, and food and beverage industry, hand in hand together for China's catering industry changes give an own strength.
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