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Wuhan and Xi'an, as well as Wuhan and Xi'an, are

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-25
The specialty food is sought after and the market opportunity is ample! In May this year, the first finance and Economics & middot; new first tier city Research Institute released the list of 2019 urban commercial charm. Among them, 15 cities including Wuhan, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing are among the '2019 new first tier cities' by virtue of their population and economic development;. Among them, Wuhan and Xi'an are special. No matter from the perspective of history and culture, economic development, urban construction and local life service, Wuhan and Xi'an both occupy an extremely important position in China and have great development potential. So, what are the 'same' and 'different' cities in terms of their economic strength and population? What opportunities and challenges will catering brands face if they want to settle in these two cities? On November 19 and 21, the '2019 new catering big for cloud like smart data' was held in Wuhan and Xi'an It will announce the popularity list of catering big data in Hubei Province in 2019 and the popularity list of catering big data in Shaanxi Province in 2019. The data of this list comes from the transaction data of catering merchants in Wuhan and Xi'an, the consumer evaluation data of the third-party platform and the take out platform data. Through the establishment of algorithm model and big data analysis, we can get the business situation of Chinese food in Wuhan and Xi'an since the beginning of 2019, and evaluate and select the most popular brands of all categories. Rougamo vs crayfish, featured food is popular all over the country and Xi'an featured food is mentioned. It must be rougamo. Similarly, when it comes to Wuhan's special food, you must think of crayfish. Indeed, according to the analysis of the catering stores in the two places by keruyun big data, it can be seen that in Xi'an, snack categories are very & quot; competitive & quot; and even make people forget the traditional Shaanxi cuisine restaurant, and focus more on the snack categories such as rougamo, oil splash noodles, mutton paomo, which seems to explain why snack stores are the top in Xi'an. The reason why snacks are so popular is that Shaanxi cuisine is not grounded;. Since Xi'an is the capital of thousands of years, the traditional Shaanxi cuisine is 'delicacies of mountains and seafood' in the traditional sense, and neither the price nor the dish is close to the people. However, in recent years, with the expansion of Xibei, jiumaojiu and other brands in China, more and more attention has been paid to the northwest cuisine, and even the dispute of 'mother of Chinese cuisine' has arisen. In Wuhan, Hubei cuisine, as a local cuisine, is also welcomed by local consumers. In the & ldquo; top 100 Chinese food brands in Hubei Province in 2019, Hubei cuisine stores occupy 28 seats, while the crawfish brand stores, as a special dish, also occupy 5 seats. However, it is worth mentioning that according to the customer cloud data, crayfish takes the catering tertiary industry as the main driving force, with a market space of more than 200 billion, which shows that the development potential of crayfish in the future is still remarkable. Finally, let's look at the & ldquo; top 100 & rdquo; popularity list of 2019 catering brands in Hubei and Shaanxi;. In the category of Chinese fast food, Mr. rice ranks first in the popularity list of Chinese fast food in Hubei Province. Xiangta ranked 2-5 among the brands such as rice casserole, Zhang Liang Malatang, Laoxiang chicken, and hefulao noodles. Chinese cuisine category: Laojie barbecue, feifeishrimp farm, Haidilao, laocunchang and Laowang pork tripe chicken are among the top 5 Chinese cuisine brands in Hubei Province. Haidilao ranks first in Shaanxi Province, and Zui Chang'an, Chang'an, Yuanjia village and Xibei youmian village rank 2-5. In the 'menu' of Shaanxi consumers, weijialiangpi is the first choice brand of Hall Food and takeout order, with xiaoliutangbao, dongdongbao, Yuanji roujiamo and Laotaimen ranking 2-5. In fact, Wuhan and Xi'an are representatives of the 'new first tier cities' that have risen in recent two years. Compared with the four traditional first tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the 'new first tier cities' attract more enterprises and floating population to develop here, but the competitive pressure is still relatively small. In the blue book of 2019 China's catering business parameters jointly launched by Ke Ruyun and the owner of catering, the chapter 'urban opportunity mining' is specially set up to judge the catering development opportunities of major cities by mining the basic parameters needed by catering enterprises. It points out that the current & ldquo; new first tier city & rdquo; is in the stage of & ldquo; robbing people & rdquo. From 2017 to 2018, the population growth of Wuhan, Xi'an, Hangzhou and Changsha increased rapidly. The population growth of Xi'an increased by 3.9% on a month on month basis, ranking first in the & ldquo; new first tier city. & rdquo; thus, the catering opportunities of & ldquo; new first tier city & rdquo; are increasing rapidly, which is also evidenced by the big data of catering lists in Wuhan and Xi'an. As of the end of 2018, Xi'an has a permanent resident population of 10 million, with about 124000 restaurants and shops, and the competition index is only 124, according to Yang Xiaoli, a business analyst at Ke Ruyun. The competition pressure is relatively small in the 'new first tier city'. Wuhan, a new first tier city, also has limited competitive pressure. According to the data at the end of last year, the permanent population of Wuhan is 11.08 million, the number of shops is about 113000, and the competitive index is 98. Although compared with Xi'an, the competitive pressure has increased a lot, but overall, the market opportunity of Wuhan catering industry is still very large. What's more, the personnel cost and rent cost of the new first tier cities
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