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Zengcheng tanneries to introduce the bar code printer technology, real-time scanning for products 100% full inspection! _ printing devices

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-15
Barcode label is a product identification, has been applied more and more popular, in the process of printing bar code serial number, occasionally will print out the repeat of the number of the tag, so the product of the production and supply chain control will produce great confusion, will cause rework and customer complaint issues. The best solution, and prevent the print repeat barcode Zebra Zebra printer can be installed through the printer front stationary high-speed scanners, combining with the online printing weight code protection software, real-time scanning, 100% full inspection. Guangzhou city add a tannery in the prophase of plant operation, the bar code printer product number most show to repeat, not only increase the workload of workers, and at the same time also cause workshop chaos, and workshop managers understand the zebra barcode printers, convenience of application technology and optimization of label printing, so the search to find through the network to choose far guangzhou hao information technology co. , LTD. ( Hao far) Zebra barcode printer solutions for its configuration. By understanding, aimed at the problem of leather factory, hao far staff recommended the WMS system for bar code printer, reasons are as follows: 1. Information collection: according to the workshop in the existing system database were analyzed, and the products are built to identify the bar code, bar code with bar code printer to print out, resulting in a serial number bar code labels, bar code contained in the products and the name, specification, quantity, bar code, serial number, date of inbound and outbound date, etc. 2. Warehouse management: in the warehouse management software system, the first customer to complete the initial inventory management, inventory when migo automatically increases, when the outbound sales, system automatically reduce inventory, so inventory can only be modified by inbound or outbound, otherwise you won't change, and the administrator can query the specific types of inventory at any time. 3. Sales management: when the outbound sales administrator on the outbound order item serial number column using direct scanning scanning gun, when saved. besides, the system automatically reduce the inventory of the product in the inventory. While meet the plan of the zebra barcode printer equipment has a lot of, hao far mainly ZT410 tanneries collocation of equipment. This type of bar code label printer for printing a large number of industry application design, has excellent printing compatibility, strong real-time connectivity, sturdy die-cast metal shell, more can adapt to the need of industrial field use, meet the requirements of industrial high quality print. Industrial applications is the preferred bar code label printer. Zebra barcode printer technology widely used, but also proved that the application technology solutions in the industrial operation more convenient, to improve the work efficiency of the more obvious. Guangzhou hao far science and technology is a focus on bar code automatic identification applications technology company, in the industrial production line, medical treatment, storage, logistics, and the application of the barcode equipment such as fixed asset management solutions in the process of the implementation of the independently developed a set of solutions.
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