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Zhiyun food intelligent canteen system is a canteen management artifact that integrates Yan value an English

'Zhiyun food intelligent canteen system' is a canteen management artifact that integrates Yan value and talent! Solve the dining pain point in the canteen

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-19
In today's society, with the rapid development of science and technology, various black technologies are pouring into our lives. The management of the canteen has also undergone earth-shaking changes. Most of the canteens are improving and upgrading. It is no longer the traditional single meal card. Now the rise of smart canteens, began to realize face brushing, code scanning, remote ordering, nutrition reminder. . . . . . . Today, let's talk about some pain points in the canteen and the real canteen management black technology:'Zhiyun food smart canteen system'. Pain point: it is easy to make mistakes in manual settlement in the canteen. It is easy to lose the meal card by using a one-card meal card, and it is also difficult for students to eat because of the trouble of making up the card. Solution: using Zhiyun food smart canteen terminal, students use mobile phone to scan code to pay, free from meal card constraints, scan code is simple and efficient! Pain point: manual accounting is inefficient, the checkout cycle is long, and it is easy to calculate the wrong account. Solution: The smart canteen system can view orders and operating income in real time, perfectly present the business situation in multiple dimensions through various reports, and assist canteen operators in making decisions through big data. Pain point: prepare meals based on experience, which is easy to cause waste. Solution: through historical data and recent and current passenger flow and orders, reasonably predict the flow of other meals through big data, and prepare meals accurately through data in advance, reduce the waste of food materials and form a good habit of thrift in canteen management. Pain point: high operating cost solution: Zhiyun food wisdom canteen management system, let the canteen data continue to sink, let the food, nutrition, price, cycle and other information visualization, through continuous optimization of procurement, inventory, food preparation and other links, the procurement cost of raw materials is lower. Through the upgrade of Zhiyun food smart canteen system, the canteen applies Zhiyun food smart hardware and ERP management (Management system, data analysis), Mobile payment (Scan code payment) , Service system and other functions, continuously optimize canteen services, improve canteen quality, and provide strong support for canteen informatization! The upgrade of the smart canteen has been well received by all walks of life! Everyone can eat more conveniently through the smart dining system of Zhiyun food, which not only improves the dining efficiency, but also strives for more rest time for themselves, and instantly feels that the caring aura of the canteen is deepened, let our life be linked with beauty!
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