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Zhongfu payment intelligent POS innovation service empowers merchants to operate efficiently-PTKSAI English

Zhongfu payment intelligent POS innovation service empowers merchants to operate efficiently

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-15

with the gradual maturity of the mobile payment terminal industry and the increasing demand for diversified payment methods, the demand for intelligent POS in the market has soared. With its strong strength to take root in bank card receipts, China pay has been accelerating its innovation and has successively introduced intelligent POS machines to fill the lack of traditional equipment in terms of payment, invoicing and other functions. Intelligent POS implementation'Payment invoicing' Optimized closed-loop service New World N910, as an intelligent POS machine owned by China pay, is a supportPayment invoicing' The industry-leading products of the service not only support various payment methods such as UnionPay card, WeChat, Alipay, cloud flash payment, but also are committed to solving the business needs of merchants in catering, hotels, real estate and other industries, at the same time, it also supports printing small tickets with two-dimensional codes and issuing invoices for consumers, greatly simplifying the invoicing process for merchants. For merchants, POS machine is the payment portal and a powerful information collection, distribution and processing platform, which can provide rich software services. However, an intelligent POS that meets the habits of consumers and conforms to the trend of the times is a must for operation. Relying on intelligent POS, merchants can easily realize the function of one-click invoicing after collection, saving a lot of manpower and material resources for daily operation. In some hot catering industries, whether the billing process is simplified or not even directly affects the turnover rate. Zhongfu payment intelligent POS supports one-click invoicing, integrates the merchant's collection needs and facilitates payment business needs, and has the characteristics of simple application process and punctual settlement. Merchants can enter after receiving the payment. Quick invoicing'With'Electronic invoice' The entrance, according to the needs of consumers, intelligently generates electronic receipts, the system automatically saves, daily bills, and reconciliation inquiries at any time, so as to simplify the merchants to handle invoicing matters and reduce the number of errands. In addition to many innovations in hardware, Zhongfu payment also has an industry-leading service level. It also strengthens communication with merchants and deepens the understanding of merchants' business activities by building contacts with local push personnel, gradually accumulate the experience of service merchants to optimize the closed-loop service capability of hardware and software. To improve the payment ability of the whole scene, face payment may be pushed in the future. When third-party payment welcomes development opportunities, the market once again points out the direction for the development of the third-party payment industry, that is, to return to the origin of payment, serve the real economy. As an important part of the real economy, tens of millions of small and medium-sized micro-businesses are the focus of the next stage of payment institutions. Judging from the current competitive situation, entering the era of mobile payment, the great changes in payment media will bring new payment experiences to merchants and consumers, especially in the ability of the payment terminal and service merchants, it will bring new opportunities and challenges to today's payment industry. China pay has obvious advantages in strategy, layout and innovation strength, or will become an industry. 'Matthew effect'The beneficiaries. Whether it is the initial drainage of merchants through convenient payment, or the subsequent introduction of various collection terminals to meet the more convenient collection needs of merchants, as well as other value-added services, zhongfu payment always focuses on the development strategy of B- end merchants, with a clear positioning and stable development, integrating information technology, serving offline entities, taking payment as the breakthrough, and empowering SMEs in all directions. Zhongfu payment has always focused on the payment acceptance end to provide efficient and convenient receipt services for small and medium-sized merchants. Not only that, China pay will also provide customized services for various industries to ensure that merchants enjoy more intelligent and efficient system services and business experiences; At the same time, the merchant service strategy will be upgraded to comprehensively improve the service capabilities of payment technology and information technology based on face-brushing payment applications, big data, artificial intelligence, etc, serve to create a more comprehensive offline payment scenario. Zhongfu payment is a leading third-party payment enterprise in China. It was established in 2007 and obtained the 'payment business license' issued by the People's Bank of China in 2012. Since its establishment, it has been deeply engaged in the payment industry for more than ten years, always taking technology as a means, insisting on making efforts in scientific and technological innovation, adhering to the principle of'Steady payment' The company's business philosophy, aiming at different transaction scenarios and improving the payment experience, is committed to providing faster and more convenient services among the payers. The business scope covers bank card receipt, Internet payment, electronic invoice business, etc.

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